About The Donation Project

What IS it?

The Donation Project is a comic. Each comic highlights something Rebecca Clements thinks is worth supporting, and with each comic, she donates some money to whatever that thing is.


One of the aims, of course, is that this will help to highlight some really awesome things that are doing excellent work, as well as helping to support them.

The other, bigger-themed aim is that bit by bit, this will show people how easy it is to support great things, with even just a small amount of money. That every single person has the power to create the kind of world they want to live in!

Maybe you’ll just hear about these things and cheer them on. Maybe you’ll donate something or participate in some other way. Perhaps you’ll just end up talking about it with someone. Maybe you’ll just use this as inspiration to help support something else you know of, and feel ought to be able to keep doing what it does.

This is the spirit of the thing!

What kinds of things does TDP donate to?

Anything, from charities to artists to groups doing exciting projects… anything.

Can I suggest a thing to donate to?

Go ahead! Nothing is guaranteed but if you know of something that you think is worth suggesting, send an email to

You might see it in time.