TDP #004 – Kiva

Well, I am pretty damn excited about this.

Kiva is truly an elegant and very effective part of the solution to poverty and social injustices. And one of the other great things about Kiva is that you can count your donations towards teams. So, if you’d like to…

You can join the KinokoFry Team!

And your loans will count towards the team’s total! I’ve already loaned some money to a few people/groups and I’d be thrilled and honoured if you’d join me. I imagine a lot of you have used Kiva already.

There are lots of other teams, including a Webcomics Team (which I’ve also counted some of my loans towards, it would only be right) which has already loaned a staggering amount of money and helped thousands of people.

On top of the loan, you can donate an amount of money to go towards Kiva’s running costs (and I need this technically to make this a donation comic), so:

KinokoFry has donated $15 to Kiva.


- Rebecca Clements