Reader Art

A comic by Faolan.

Dale O’Flaherty wished me a happy birthday twice! He’s just that kind of guy.

Wall de Kinokofry de Matthew CW!

Beth Cotterell baked me a birthday cake and she assures me we ate it.

Ellen Purcell has created the perfect house for these pieces.

This made my day – thanks Becca Kight!

Gina, Gina, Gina. Peeps through my windows at night.

Russell Jones let me blather on about hand-lettering to him.

Andrei Buters put Timby in the spotlight.

More amazing sculpture from Alandra D!

Gothic Enchantress made these wonderful jewellery pendants!

Lisa Davison didn’t do this snail for KinokoFry, but I stole him.

Ben Steer was inspired.

Alandra D has done the impossible and sucked Timby and the King out into a 3D world!

The very BEST birthday gift! Thankyou Jason Viola!

Matthew Gilette‘s mushroom is undefeatable!

Marcus‘s mushroom is just stuck on that one syllable.

SO CUTE! Jason Viola‘s Herman shares an adorably tender moment with Sammy.

Ryan Urban’s mushroom is happy to see you!

Paul Parker expresses his disappointment. Oh.

A little something from Robert Hooley

Paradox thinks he can do my job for me – hmph!

A comic by Deakin Brook.

LimpingFish presents a possible movie poster? Epic and mysterious!

Jamaica Dyer‘s Dee is having a delightful time with everyone!

A wonderful rendition of Fredwick by James Mason.

Two happy mushrooms lovingly drawn by J.L. Williams.