About BEC

What is BEC?

BEC is a growing community dedicated to sharing ideas about how to make the world and our lives better. Each update I will do a comic/illustration about one such idea.

What do you mean by “better”?

More sustainable ways of living, ways of helping the environment, ways to lead healthier, happier lives, ways to create stronger, happier communities, perhaps a better way of approaching thought/problems, ways of reducing the crap in our lives and filling it with something more worthwhile… those sorts of things.

What kind of ideas do you mean?

Well, sometimes you come across an idea and you think:

It might be tips about how we can lead more sustainable lives or help the environment or community, it might be some important realisation you’ve had, it might be your interesting and inspiring story, it might be a fact or some information that you think people ought to know, maybe a really well-designed product you’ve come across, it might be some cool thing you do in your life that you think some other people might benefit from knowing about, or an awesome event or project that’s going on.

A message you think ought to be shared with the world.

What does BEC stand for?


Brilliance, Energy and Communication? Enthusiasm? Cooporation? Community? Charm? Comics?

I don’t know. It doesn’t stand for anything. It’s not meant to. It’s just my name. Much like TED and the way it has evolved from it’s original meaning, it doesn’t matter. What it stands for is ingenuity, invention, cooporation, education, awareness, improvement, information, action, motivation, inspiration, sharing, helping each other… it stands for whatever works for you.

What is this “TED” thing?

TED is a conference at which lots of brilliant people give short, inspirational talks. All the talks can be watched online!

I have an idea! How do I submit it to you?

You can send me an email, or put your idea in the “BEC Ideas” forum.

How much detail do you want?

Whatever you think I need to know you get the message across. It might be as simple as “You can reuse teabags two or three times to save on waste! I do this all the time“, or it might be something where you explain a little and give me any relevant facts.

Keep two things in mind.

1: I don’t have time to read dozens of novels. Please try to only include the things that are really relevant, and that you think I really need to know.In short – NOT TOO LONG.

2: I don’t have time to do all the fact checking and research, so please do include whatever I need to know. Feel free to point me to a website that might have relevant information if you need to. In short – GIVE ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW (to the best of your ability).

I have made my own comic, or I’ve written a script. I think you should do the comic this way.

Nope! Sorry :) I am doing the comics. I will script them, and I will draw them. By all means though, show your comic in your own way, or put it in the forums.

Will you definitely use my suggestion?

No. I might not like it, I might not feel qualified to write about it, I might not feel comfortable with using it, or I might just have too many others to use! But it’s always possible I’ll use it in the future, and I just have a backlog of things to use for awhile.

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