BEC #001 – Introduction

Welcome to BEC!

I am very excited to begin this, because this is a project we all do together.

My hope is that over time I can get lots of you wonderful people participating, whether it’s actually submiting an idea to me and having a comic made about it, or joining in on discussions about ideas, or just reading the comics and going, “Huh! That is a great idea”.

There are three things that can happen here.

1You read the comics! Easy-peasy.

2You read About BEC. This will explain it all.

3You have an idea that you either email to me or submit in the Shruggenbee forums, but read this first.

I’ll be getting this started very soon with a couple of comics that will help set the initial tone and better illustrate the kind of thing I mean.

Stay tuned!

- Rebecca Clements