Art Commissions

You like my stuff?


You just passed the very first stage of gaining a beautiful and unique work of art. This could be anything from an illustration, a small postcard-sized picture, a tattoo design, perhaps even a comic! It’s completely up to you and your imagination. Perhaps you’d like a gift for a special occasion. Something unique and beautiful to put on your wall or dresser. Maybe you have a comic idea you’d like to see realised! A picture of yourself or a good looking friend you have? Perhaps you’d just like an awesome picture of Sammy or Radybug. It’s your choice!

The stages to follow include;

– Having a think about what you’d like. (Optional – I can do it for you!)

– Perhaps having a look at my portfolio for more ideas. (Also optional! This just gets easier and easier!)

– Contacting me and expressing your interest at:

Email me here