Diary #31 – Taking A Freaking Stand

I can’t even tell you how much of a good decision this was. I had “slightly sore feet” after the first day and have only felt great every day since. I actually do just stand more in general! Which is a strange sentence to hear yourself saying. But it’s not as strange as it now seems too me that so many of us spend so many hours of our day sitting down these days.

My housemate is now doing this too at her office job, too.Your typical office job is so unhealthy and unnatural, I think it’s wonderful that so many people are working out how to make the whole experience something that genuinely helps us to be happier and healthier, something that makes sense, something we don’t dread.

When you look at the growing number of work places that are listening to their employees, helping them, working with them, giving them more freedom and respect and making their work places pleasant places to be… it is just insane that so many businesses are still treating their employees like cattle. It doesn’t work. People are less productive, and they hate their work lives. That is no way to live.

The thing that gets me is that so many of the solutions are so easy!

I am going on. Alas. At my age…

Here’s one of the original articles I read if you’re interested.

- Rebecca Clements


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A notable amount of research has shown that sitting, particularly if you’re someone who spends most of their day sitting, contributes to back/posture problems as well as general malaise. There is a smaller group of experts that claim the opposite and that all you need is a good ergonomic chair.

I personally think we just need to mix it up throughout the day, stand for a few hours because it relieves nervous leg energy and is a kind of passive workout, then sit down and enjoy it for a few, then repeat.

I did exactly what Rebecca did at work and use my laptop on a big stack of encyclopedias (and I’m building a wooden stand for a more proper solution as we speak). At home I already have an Ikea desk that I can configure to let me both sit and stand when I want.

I’ve been doing this for about 2 months now and I think it’s fantastic, I don’t feel gross from sitting all day nor do I have sore legs from standing all day. Some people are cool standing ALL the time but I think that’s overkill.

Welcome to the club Rebecca :D

i want to get one of those desks that can be moved up and down so you can alternate between sitting and standing. the one that sitruss have. just need to save up some money for it first.

I moved my desktop computer on top pf the commode months ago. Serves me well alright, though I do watch my shows in a sitting posture. Besides sitting less, now I have a whole lot more room on my desktop for… well, paper, books scattered pipes and glasses. :)

Your ats style is sharp as ever, ma’am! And thanks for the information, I plan working with graphic design, so I probably would have to sit all day long… isn’t strange or awkward to draw standing?

Over here in the UK the cashiers at supermarkets all sit down and it drives me crazy. I don’t remember Australian checkout chicks (who stand up, and actually pack your grocery bags for you) ever being as sullen as the ones here. Perhaps it is just an issue of sitting vs standing…

Well… that does seem strange because as you say, I’m in a country where people stand for that job. Standing for any kind of -excessive- time though can be a real strain, but particularly when you have a shitty, shitty job. I don’t think people should be MADE to stand, or stand all the time. I don’t!

But I do think people should have the option, and also be aware of the very real health risks of sitting for long periods each day.

Like anything, you get used to it. And if you’re becoming a healthier and stronger person in other ways too, these things will only compliment each other.

I never want to have just a sitting desk again. I converted very quickly.

Like a lot of things, when you stop doing something, you realise just how crappy that thing was making you feel. My butt is thanking me for this decision.

i wish i had a standing option desk at my last job. Recently my husband stumbled across this: http://www.geekdesk.com/

electric sitting or standing desk. looks awesome. we plan to get one as soon as i am full employed again. [i have no idea if the ship to Australia.]

I’ve been thinking of a standing desk for years, ever since I saw some people at Amazon with one.

My desk setup at home is actually such that I could try a standing configuration without buying or building anything new. Instead of a desk I have a table which is somewhere in between standing and sitting height, and instead of a keyboard tray I have a height-adjustable laptop table which I keep my keyboard and mouse on. I think tonight I’ll try raising the keyboard tray to standing height and do things standing up.

it might be a good idea to either get something more stable than phone books or stabilize your phone books.
When I made my normal desk into a sitting on the ground desk I used some phone books to get the right height and they kept shifting.

Fantastic! This reminds me of an episode of The Office where Dwight makes a Megadesk (3 desks in a |____| pattern) – but at the end of the episode Jim makes a different desk (I believe he called it a Quad-desk, but when Dwight tells him it’s only comprised of 3 desks, Jim realizes it needs a new name) that looks similar to your standing desk.

Desks are great though aren’t they! MEGADESK!!!!

This is fantastic (both the comic art and the information :P). Thank you so much for bringing this to attention! I sit long hours myself especially when drawing and I always feel like I’m gonna get a blood clot in my leg and feel like crap from sitting for so long. The only problem is figuring out how I’ll compensate for my giant Wacom tablet, but thank you once again, for informing everyone about this!

I’m lucky that I’m short enough that most normal desks are standing desks for me (the one I’m at now only needs the addition of my laptop stand and it’s a standing desk).

I tend to prefer to lay down while working though. It’s terrible for my elbows, but I’m just more comfortable that way. Though if I have to sit for too long my feet go numb, so I get up and walk around the room or get a cup of tea if that happens.

I found you can make a standing desk out of two simple things: a tall dresser, and phone books as needed. I spent ages trying to figure out how I could build a standing desk, or buy a standing desk, or something, anything, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend more than about $20 on something I’d need to modify anyway. One day, frustrated, I just opened one of the drawers in my dresser and plunked my computer down there, and it worked. Later, I got some phone books and stood on them so I could use the top of the dresser. Voila! Free standing desk.

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