My Sabbatical Year

Hi guys!

This is something I spent a lot of time on. A lot. And it is my way of attempting to capture so much of what happened to me in the year-long sabbatical I took, that I am now coming out of. It was wonderful. It was hard. It was the very best decision I could have made and everything I’ve been through and experienced has brought me a long and important way forward. My intention is to tell you all about it! And make it fun.

But more on that soon.

For now, let me also say this huge thing is in part a thankyou to you all for your support and understanding – and above all, your freaking patience! – during this year. Really, I received so many emails and messages that really left an impact on me, and I truly appreciate. Thankyou.

I am now back from Japan and elsewhere in the world, in my new studio in Melbourne, where I am having the most feverish and creative burst back into art! To help get myself started again and stay here to get some great stuff done, I’m selling some really incredible single prints of my best comics, as well as a couple of originals! If you’ve ever considered getting some of my work, now is a really great time for the both of us!

Check em out!

I hope you guys like this! Feels very, very nice to be back.


- Rebecca Clements


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Yay! Soooo happy to hear that you had a good time and are back! Your creative juices must be incredibly flowing from all of the fun you’ve had. Did you really go to the mountains for the hot spring bath :O? Sounds like lots of fun.

You’re back! So wonderful. It’s super rad that you had a gorgeous year. I don’t know you, of course, but the personality that comes through in your work makes it clear that you’re a splendid individual, and you deserve all the very best. Congratulations on taking time for yourself, and I’m excited to see new work!

Congrats and welcome back. Look forward to a random comic every now and again to bring some lightness to my news feed. Wish I could’ve visited Japan…

:v Wow! Based on this image alone it is obvious that you had some awesome times! Happy your time stretch went oh so well and even got your creativity in full swing. :) Love your comics to no end and can’t wait to see what your year inspires!

I wish I wasn’t at work so I could spend an hour or more taking in all the detail in this work of art :-) As it is, I will have to savour it a little at a time until I get home. You’ve been missed, so glad you’re back … every time I look at my Pussface Fatsums print at home I have missed your art. Must track down my copy of Come Inside My Body…

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a whole year! It must have passed very quickly for me because it feels like you updated not too long ago. It’s great to have you back though, you are one of my favourite whimsical artists.

Can you explain a little more about the pandas here? Also, what did you do while abroad? Did you work regular jobs(can you even do that)? Did you get a temporary Visa anywhere? I ask because there have been a few times when, as a student, I had opportunities to go abroad and study, but I was always worried about going out alone and with no way to earn money if something happened.

(Sorry, that transitioned rather abruptly from “what is this cute thing” to “how did you survive abroad”- hoho.)

Is that a hippo? Have you seen a show called bubu chacha? It’s slightly aimed at kids but I never let that stop me.. it had a truck that was a hippo.
Also, did you sleep on the floor? Where else did you go? Was it an adventure? Was everything very strange.. like.. kappa in the river and.. do the cats say nyan? There was this study once which found that pidgeons have accents.
I missed you.

Welcome back and happy Halloween! Glad you had a good year off! I could use one myself, heh. Here’s to many more good years and gorgeous art like this!

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