Manekitties – A Gallery Painting

Since the next comic is another whopping 3 pages long, and I’m also working on a 3-page guest comic (another guest comic recently finished! Another 3-pager), as well as a charity comic for a zine to raise money for the QLD flood relief, as well as the final donation postcards, final 2 Submameen comics AND finishing a couple of commissions… I decided I would finally show you one of the pieces from the recent Animals! Animals! Animals! exhibition!

Some people have asked if they will get a chance to see all the gallery pieces, and have a chance to buy them as well as the special prints made for the show. Well, I will hopefully have an announcement for you soon on that one.

I’m also very soon going to be running some of the most exciting guest comics by a very select bunch of my very favourite Australian cartoonists. My god, you will love them. I love them. I am completely honoured by the amazing works these dudes have done for KinokoFry. And they have given me a very much needed chance to catch up on a lot of work and get back to regular times.

Also, right now:

40% off all original pieces in the store!

This is a rare occurance, if there was ever a time to snatch a piece up, now may well be it.

As some of you are aware, the reason for the recent Summer Donation Drive was to help me raise money to pay for a lot of sudden costs such as hosting and whatnot, the major one being an attempt at retrieving the data from my ex-HD which died, taking not only many valuable documents, photo sets and other suchs things, but ALL OF MY COMIC FILES EVER (well, I would say 98% of them at least). I was in the middle of designing the first KinokoFry book when it happened and this crushes me.

There is no guarantee I will be able to get those files again, they may be completely lost. I am scared I won’t be able to afford what the data retrieval place might conceivably charge, also. But I am finally going to see what the place can do for me, and if so, I hope someday to be able to bring you the beautiful first volume of KinokoFry. I hope, I hope, I hope. It has been my dream for a long time to put those comics into a lovingly-designed book.

Wish me luck! And know that if you donated or have supported me in some other way, I appreciate the GOD DAMN HELL out of it.

- Rebecca Clements


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Very nice and cute.

But it’s a bit hard to recognize the ‘big’ cat. A little more contrast between ‘big’ cat and the kittens would be good. IMO.

Awesome, just what I needed to make a crummy day into a better one.

This might be the delerium talking, but does big kitty remind anyone else of the commodore 64 loading screen?

Looking forward to seeing the rest!

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