KinokoFry #118 – Partner in Crime

Don’t worry, they got out in time.

You guys didn’t honestly think you wouldn’t get a comic with a happy ending out of this guy, did you? Yees of little faiths.

I’ll give official details soon but GUESS WHAT! I’ll be stationed for the entire month of July in the National Gallery of Victoria’s special cartoonist studio near the ACMI doing a special month of cartooning and painting and all sorts of fun things. You can come and watch me like an animal in a zoo, and at the end there will be very special comics and zines and things produced by me and the other 8 or so Melbourne cartoonists.

That’s a thing!


My brand new booklet, “For You” is finally available and it is fine.

This is, in fact, my first comic booklet and it is a beauty. All on high quality 100% recycled paper, it’s 16 pages of the original For You comic, and each one is hand-stitched! It is a limited edition of 100.

I think this is the perfect gift for someone. But maybe that someone is yourself!

Get it here.

I’m also going to do a call-out on behalf of Craig Veness, the very nice data retrieval guy trying to fix my broken HDD with all of my comic files on it. He needs a very specific drive in order to try and fix it. Without it, all of my comics before a few months ago will be lost forever. We’re looking for:

From the sticker on the top of the drive: Samsung HD501LJ/JP1 Rev. A; SEC-HD501LJ(B); 2007.9; P/N: 40141XXXXXXXXX T166S.

If someone has a drive matching those numbers, we may be able to use it! Send an email to with 60413 Donor Drive in the subject and either a clear photo of the drive label or a complete listing of all info from the drive’s sticker. If your drive does indeed match and we can use it (it needs to be 100% healthy – we can confirm this after receiving it), we’ll swap you a brand new 1TB internal hard drive – free upgrade for your trouble! All you have to do is post it in and then once we confirm it is suitable, we’ll mail you your new, bigger hard drive. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, guys! And on my part, if anyone is able to produce the drive we need, I’ll be giving you a free copy of the first KinokoFry book that I was able to make because of your help, along with a set of KinokoFry prints.

Thanks, guys! I have my fingers crossed.

- Rebecca Clements


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Teehee on a calculator the combination spells out boobs.

Well, Scrooge McDuck is just another old man (drake?) living all alone, so it’s not so much of a surprise…

But I’m really starting to feel sorry for poor Nathan. He’s so eager to please, and I keep letting him down…
Someone should organize a “Thank you, Nathan” event on FB or something…

I’m ever so slightly disappointed that this one didn’t actually end badly, I was all geared up for something

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