KinokoFry #117 – A Present For You

Yeah, I reckon I can milk another 100 comics out of this guy.


My brand new booklet, “For You” is finally available and it is fine.

This is, in fact, my first comic booklet and it is a beauty. All on high quality 100% recycled paper, it’s 16 pages of the original For You comic, and each one is hand-stitched! It is a limited edition of 100.

I think this is the perfect gift for someone. But maybe that someone is yourself!

Get it here.

I’m also going to do a call-out on behalf of Craig Veness, the very nice data retrieval guy trying to fix my broken HDD with all of my comic files on it. He needs a very specific drive in order to try and fix it. Without it, all of my comics before a few months ago will be lost forever. We’re looking for:

From the sticker on the top of the drive: Samsung HD501LJ/JP1 Rev. A; SEC-HD501LJ(B); 2007.9; P/N: 40141XXXXXXXXX T166S.

If someone has a drive matching those numbers, we may be able to use it! Send an email to with 60413 Donor Drive in the subject and either a clear photo of the drive label or a complete listing of all info from the drive’s sticker. If your drive does indeed match and we can use it (it needs to be 100% healthy – we can confirm this after receiving it), we’ll swap you a brand new 1TB internal hard drive – free upgrade for your trouble! All you have to do is post it in and then once we confirm it is suitable, we’ll mail you your new, bigger hard drive. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, guys! And on my part, if anyone is able to produce the drive we need, I’ll be giving you a free copy of the first KinokoFry book that I was able to make because of your help, along with a set of KinokoFry prints.

Thanks, guys! I have my fingers crossed.

- Rebecca Clements


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Haha, it’s freaking huge :D
And yeah, that guy’s in for some mental illness if u keep on using him.

I’ll be honest:

The first comic, with the cookies, was fun – it made me giggle and gave me a “faux bad conscience”. This time, already at the second panel I started to dread the horrible feeling I knew I would get! And you leave it open ended, for dragging our heart merrily along the grinder!

I would love your cookies and present, monster!

LOL, this is the comic that just keeps on giving (no pun intended) … first it took me a while to see the last two panels, now I just looked again and got the little hand in the middle. Awesome

This won’t help with your HDD problem, but in the future you may want to consider using Wuala to backup your files securely online. Good luck finding that drive, though!

Best way to keep files safe is copypasting them to flashes and other hdds.

Unless you also want to preserve your data in the event of fire, burglary or some kind of horrific rhubarbaric house destruction in which case offsite storage would be more helpful. You could always just upload it all to a gmail account or ten.

But then it all costs money.. well gmail doesn’t but it would be a PITA.

I’ve fixed a few broken hard drives by hitting them, did you try hitting it? :p
I’ve also broken one by hitting it..

This comic isn’t fair. I kinda knew where it was going and didn’t want. You’re mean.

On the hard-drive how exactly to the numbers do they have to be? I don’t have one but was scouring the internet to see if somewhere did, and I found one on ebay that is all the same numbers except 2007.11 rather than 2007.9, I’m pretty sure that just means it is the same drive made 2 months later.
This is the link to the ebay listing.

I think, bizarrely, that it needs to be REALLY close to the date, like within a week, to get the best match possible.

But I’ve emailed it to Craig anyway. Thanks!

The date itself doesn’t matter that much, but all the other numbers should be identical. And even then, it might not be the same model.
Anyway, that one seems like a good match – good luck!

Oh… This is my second time reading this one. First time was on my phone and hurried. I just noticed him pull the ribbon and that he ended up waiting til at least night. You are a horrible horrible person lol.

Surprise?!?!? What’s the occasion? Did I forget something? Oh, no! Now I gotta remember what I forgot…

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