KinokoFry #109 – Variety

Breasts, like all body parts, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. On top of that, also like all body parts, they change over and over again throughout a person’s life. Mine have certainly changed a fair bit!

Be proud of your body! It’s unique and awesome. Treat it well and perhaps it will put you on its Xmas card list.

Speaking of Xmas and of giving special things to special people in your life…

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- Rebecca Clements


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I suppose the same goes for people of the male variety, except possibly involving other parts (But not necessarily)! Life as we know it wouldn’t exist if we weren’t at least somewhat varied!

But what if my body is made up of pockets of dimensions and my breasts, like all my body parts, exist as a six dimensional void outside of time and thus have no shape or size? Does that still count?

All this time I’ve been living feeling ashamed of my cactus boobs. All the shredded shirts, prematurely ended embraces… that family of owls… I thought they were just an embarrassment but now I realize it’s a part of what makes me special.

Much as I admire the sentiment, it’s a shame that messages like this about body image almost always exclusively target women. Dealing with half the problem gets half the results.

I completely agree that male body image, female body image, ANYBODY’S body image is an important topic for people to discuss.

That said, this comic was only in part about body image in general. And my comments apply to both men and women, to all body parts, as I said. That general sentiment is there.

More specifically though, I set out with this comic to specifically help balance out the fact that people (not just women) these days often lack exposure to the huge, wonderful range of bodies out there (and even more specifically as I’m sure is apparent, breast shape), and everyone can get caught up in thinking that there are only one or two “ideals”.

I hope lots of people address specifically more male body image issues, and I’ll be one of them! There can never be enough of this stuff.

But it’s never a shame that people DO address female body image issues. It is still an enormous problem that needs as much help as it can get.

Let’s just encourage even MORE positive messages :)

What, uh… inspired this?

And I share the view with Juan… male body image is largely ignored, often with the idea that men can just “tough it out” or that they are automatically confident. It’s these kinds of views that only lead to men being silent, as if they’re not being tough like everyone else (pretends to be), they aren’t a real man. It only leads to more silence and more perpetuation of emotionless men. This critical ignorance devalues men as they are not considered worthy of the same attention as women on the same painful issues. I could go on and on all day about this.

That said, column 3/row 4 is more my type than any of them. :3

Male image issues are a thing I feel very strongly about because it is hardly ever addressed, and men are rarely inclined to talk about it with each other, let alone with women or in any kind of public way. It’s a huge problem.

I think the important thing to remember is that male image issues are not a topic for men, and female issues are not a topic for women. PEOPLE image issues are issues for all of society.

So yes, as I said above, I agree, but needing more discussion in other areas doesn’t take away the validity and still great necessity for talking about female body issues. We need to make sure we don’t exchange one battle for another, but rather we embrace and try to cover all kinds of positive reenforcement of body image. :)

More, more, more!

Hahah. This is the best comic you’ve made to date. I love the message behind it. Although I will go out on a limb to say that cactus-boobies are kinda creepy :)

Out of curiosity, will you be offering up prints of this one?

I haven’t made plans to, in part because it’s an awkward size and prints will be more difficult/expensive to create, but if there’s enough demand, I’d certainly consider it! A few people have asked already.

Do you make your prints in Australia? To be more cost effective, you might consider making them elsewhere. I know for a fact that you can get them done a lot cheaper here in China. Write me if you’re interested — maybe I can help :)

(I’m not selling anything, btw. But with my own job, I deal with printers a lot, so I know how much things ought to cost here.)

I recently gained some weight and woke up one day and *poof* stretch marks had appeared on my boobies when I thought they were the only part of my body I truly loved. I’ve been agonizing over this far too much, and this comic actually made me feel a TON better, and more importantly, made me laugh. With all life has to offer, it’s not worth torturing ourselves for not meeting our own expectations of the “perfect” body.

Exactly, and there is no perfect. None. Nothing even close. A healthy and happy you, that is the good stuff :)

I remember worrying about stretch marks! I (and almost every single woman I know) have had stretch marks on tits/hips since high school and back then I thought it was some big deal and that I had to hide them. It has never, ever come up, ever. Nothing in my life has mattered less. (I actually just checked to see I still had them, I haven’t thought about them in over a decade).

This makes me very happy =) I had huge issues with my breasts for years and have since had a boob job – overall happier, but I still obviously have things I’m not too happy with. Thank you for posting this, I wish more people could be happy with their bodies x

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