KinokoFry #100 – One Hundred

You might want to go back a strip to see how this relates. This really happens.

Well. Guys.


It has been the best. You are the best. It will of course only get better.

In celebration, everything in the store? 20% off!

I am also -finally- selling this original painting, Beepot.

I’m very proud of this piece. I’ve had it a long time and I have been holding on tight to it. It is big and just lovely. But if you have a nice home for it… it likes to be read to at night.

I’ll leave it there for now. Thanks for reading KinokoFry so far! Especially those of you who have supported me for a long time, possibly since the beginning (!), or with donations and such. You know it’s because of both your financial support and the other, more emotional kind of support that I am able to sit here creating these things. Seriously. You guys. You know it’s true.

I really appreciate it. I have the best readers. All the other cartoonists are jealous.

- Rebecca Clements


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Congrats Rebecca! Your work has just been so stellar and I’ll be sure to leave a comment on your #200th when that day comes as well!

A rare look behind the scenes!
Congratulations – keep em coming. I’d love to buy a print of Beepot if you’d make them :)

At first I read the sign as “look behind the strip”.. so I tried to and I got confused, all that was there was the back of my monitor! But I figured it out

Astounding as ever Becks (Can I call you Becks? Or Becky? :-p), It’s incredible how you think of these things!
All the details and the cats and the clouds and and.. just.. wow.
I always wondered how you made such fantastic looking comics.

I really think your comic is one of the most special pieces of art I’ve seen. Your art makes me feel good, the style and joke and message… I’ll be here to see #1000!


100 strips? Raise the roof. 100 strips of such wonder, beauty and awesomeness? Raise the roof DAMN HIGH. As high as the bar you set for other web cartoonists. Muchos congratulations, and keep on cartoonin’, I want to see what happens next…

Thanks, Jen :D

My roof came right off. What do I do now?

Maybe go hunting for a barge and use one of the sails for a tent roof. They say the barges are resting now in their winter quarters down under and are easy to take down while sleepy. Hereabout its not so easy at the moment, its mating season and the sailing schools are accompanied by salty dogs now. Otherwise I would have pinned a nice shooner or maybe a fullrigger for you.

btw. 100 glimpses into a world of wonders… thank you!

Remember when you celebrated the 100th comic? Well! I get to be unfashionably late in saying ‘yay, that is a totally rad accomplishment!’

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