KinokoFry #065 – Feeding Time

Firstly, A BIG HELLO to KinokoFry’s new visitors/readers!

I’m working very hard to try and get word out about the comic right now. The more readers, the closer we get to the day I can design and sell some awesome merchandise. I have ideas, oh boy, do I have some neat ideas.

I’d greatly appreciate any help to spread the word about KinokoFry.

Banners over busy highways and sky-writing are all acceptable, as are writing award-winning Broadway musicals about it, or just posting in forums and whatnot.

Secondly, remember that thing I said last time? I’m-a say it again cause it’s so special!

Thankyou to the people who have donated so far. Do feel free to leave a comment about how much you’re enjoying the booklet, or how you are going to encourage all your friends to get one too!

And if you’re really feeling like treating yourself, then you cannot go better than Patrick Alexander’s own PDF booklet! I have one and it’s world-shatteringly gorgeous.

- Rebecca Clements


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The two little bees are a wee bit messed up, shawnworthy is right :O I reloaded the page a few times, I thought it was my internet messing up xDD

Hey….shawnworthy…”I come from a land down under…~” I got that song stuck in my head after reading your comment xD

DUDE. WHAT IS THAT LITTLE FLY THING that is following Fredwick???? IT IS CUTE. A bit creepy, but way cute :3 I wish to hug it :D xD

HEY OHEMGEE REBECCA I HAVE AN IDEA :D You could make the little fly guy into a plush :3 I’d buy like 20 of them xDDDD

nomnomnom. Is like a shy little kitten. ^_^
You have caught the “attempting to befriend shy animal” mood perfectly. I can totally relate!!1
The bees are a little squiffy for me too. Firefox 3 if that makes any difference.
Also the half panels are brilliant, work of genius.
You’ve got me scanning the background now, all I see is the little mouse.
I was kinda expecting the fork and spoon to do something (perhaps involving a moon). But then with so much going on in the foreground..
Amazing comic today, thankyou.

[web chap] The “archive” and “random” bees are structured differently (a > img, instead of div > a) is all, and that’s knocking things out of whack. [/web chap]

I love the bee face down in the food bowl. Your art is so cute.

*-* omg your job is amazing

8D soy de chile.. me encontre en tegaki la publicidad de esta web y …bueno, sigue con tu trabajo *-* tu forma de dibujar es original

Someone is possibly making you Something in clay that might be based on Some panels you may or may not have drawn at some point in time. *chuckles secretively and rushes off to … watch …clay… dry….zzzzzz….*

Hey, I was just wondering… I made a donation last Wednesday for A Pretty Neat Collection of Little Pictures, and never got them ;_;
Perhaps it got lost in the tubes? Nav icons seem to be working now (for me anyway)
And, nice comic! love the panel structure

Sorry, Amanda! The donation was an eCheck donation, and it hasn’t cleared yet. I just checked Paypal and for whatever reason, it tells me the esitmated clearing time is the 20th – 22nd. Knowing bloody Paypal, it didn’t tell you this.

Anyway, not that I don’t trust you or anyone, but I always wait for the clearance before sending anything. :)

Thanks! I got it today. Yeah, no, friggin paypal didn’t tell me. I just started the acc and didn’t know what was happening >_< Awesome pdf! I am loving it so very, very much. ^_^

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