KinokoFry #046 – Perfect Ten


Good thing that last comic was so pretty, huh.

My time in Tokyo is drawing fast to a soul crushing close, and I have a pretty decent amount of work to show for it. Work to show… myself. Unfortunately, most of the things I worked on are, for all kinds of reasons, not things I can post on the internet yet. Sorry!

But SOME things can be shown soon as they themselves reach completion. That’s a positive we can all take away.

Anyway, I want to thank whoever is still here for hanging on. I received some really lovely mail and fun commissions, and lots of kind words of support. You guys are the most important reason that I do what I do and I appreciate the hell out of it. -Really-.

Seeing the date on the last comic shocked the hell out of me, and now that I’ve gotten a lot of my other work out of the way, I’m looking forward to dedicating more and more time back to KinokoFry. I’ve learned a LOT in the past couple of months, and I hope it starts to show.

2008 was an AMAZING first year for me, and for KinokoFry.

2009 is going to be a DAMN exciting year.

P.S. You guys may want to keep a close eye on Anders Loves Maria this week. OH. NO REASON.

- Rebecca Clements


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Adorable is possibly the best word to describe this comic! Love it as usual.

I REALLY need to start reading ALM again, from the point I suddenly stopped.

i haven’t been reading since about july (i know right!?) so i just got all caught up! whew!

love your stuff! looking forward to your other projects too (though secret they may be)

Hah, great stuff. Clearly the ladybug should have flipped through the mail either straight up and down or side to side. the angle resulted in the loss of points.

HAHAHA, Ms. Rebecca, your guest strip for Anders Love Maria is so great! I laughed so hard that my sides are split and i am bleeding everywhere! I won’t send you the medical bill though, because you are one of my fave artists/comic artists.

Keep up with the originality!

Just saw your guest comic over at A<3M, and I gotta say – AWESOME =). The wonderful Rene linked me, and thus – I AM HERE! Quail brief mortals, my mind is a vaccum for AWESOME. Wow, enough with the capitals already, right?

Just read your archive. Goodluck in your second year, if the first is anything to go by it’ll be…..yeah….AWESOME =).

I headed over here from ALM after reading it for the fifth time. The whole thing was priceless. The pregnant tree, the bird, the old lady…I can’t quit laughing. You have a new fan!

Great job,

I came because of the awesome Anders Loves Maria guest strip, and I am addicted because you rock! I love your comics so much! Thank you for existing :) <3

This weeks/months/whatevers comic is excellent, grade A shizzite :)

But I have an ulterior motive, aside from compliments!
It seems…. you forgot to color Ander-cyclops’ hair in the panel where his head collides with balls.

I also came because of the A <3 M guest strip, which is awesome. Then I read all the archives, and you’re awesome too. When can I buy t-shirts?

I loved your guest strip for A<3M! And then I popped over here and I’m really loving all your other stuff! The horrified/shocked looks on the mushrooms’ faces get me every time. :)

Lol@ the A&M strip xD Yay I missed your comics! I did realise you posted some stuff on your lj, though, so the long break wasn’t too bad.

First, I have to LAWL that we have the same name xD

SECOND, I saw your guest comic on ALM and thought “Well, this is funny AND perverted as hell, this lady must have an awesome comic :D”



I love this comic already, and yes, I read every comic already xD

THIS comic inspires me to draw randomly and just be silly :33

I love this comic and I love you, and congratz at being my 20th webcomic!

….holy CRAP that’s a lot xDDD

I love this comic already. It is random and hella funny like (the ad there lead me here)

I was laughing so my hand was shaking with the mouse and I accidentally scrolled the page up and down with the laughs :D

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