KinokoFry #041 – Pinball distraction

If you guys didn’t grow up with the same era of Sesame Street as me, then I hope you can at least appreciate the pretty pictures.

This comic is in-part also a big, shameless shout-out to one of the most important games of the 90s, and also of my life. If you don’t know what Grim Fandango is, then… just get out. Go on. Out.

No, don’t go.

Instead, go and buy yourself one of the many cheap-ass copies of the game available out there and get ready to be Noir-ed to sweet, sweet death – Mexican-style! The way real men do it. Gringos, even. Real gringos.

If you are familiar with Grim Fandango, then don’t hesitate to click on the link up there – because I’m not making another one; these things are expensive, you know – because Tim Schafer has just released the puzzle document for the game as a PDF.

Yes! I know! GO GO GO! It’s an incredible read, and actually helps to explain some of the less intuitive puzzles.

Happy Birthday Manny!

One last thing: OH YES AMERICA!! WELL DONE!!!

- Rebecca Clements


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This comic is made of awesome. I found ten (It’s shaped like a roman numeral) but couldn’t find four.

This would make an nifty poster.

Hah, I remember that episode of sesame street, back when it was muppets and claymation. How far are you on your laptop fund?

Both the pinball number song and Grim Fandango were a part of making me who I am. I love them so much, they bring on tears of happiness everytime I think of them.

Manny Calavera has the sexiest voice ever.

I really enjoy your work Rebecca.

This comic is awesome, though I’ve never seen the 1-12 song on Sesame Street, I have seen a take off of it on Family Guy, and I always remember the tune.

I can’t find 11. >.<;

HAH! awesome, the number 12 pinball song always stuck out in my mind as a kid growing up, I thought the only time I would ever experience it again was via family guy, but FINALLY someone else used it, and in such an amazing, and pop-teasing, way.

Seriously though… Timmy needs to die, he’s lived long enough. It’s his time to go.

Hey Kinoko.

I think that this is one of the best comics you’ve made up to date! The many references, the toy with the numbers (BTW, 11 is shown as XI on the brown-ish tube on the bottom left side of the comic, Obvious Illusion), the memories (cause I also watched Sesame Street and love Grim Fandango…)

In all it’s perfect! so much so that I might just print it and make it into a poster or something. ;)

This is awesome~
I actually do know what Grim Fandango is! (I borrowed it off my sister once~ Awesome game, though I never finished it.) xD

Just a side thought… The dream guest comic on the other sight made me think Dr. Seuss… =D

Best comic I’ve read all week,if not ever.And cleverly drawn too.I don’t really remember the pinball song from Sesame Street (since I started not wanting to watch the show anymore when I was like 8),but I remember Grim Fandango.Now I need to myself the honor of finding a cheapass copy of the game to play.

OK, for those of you missing some numbers here they are:
one – obvious, top left
two – obvious, in the sheet the bee is carrying at the top center
three – obvious, in the umbrella at top left
four – hidden, in the background in white, like a cloud in the pink sky to the left of the umbrella spiral.
five – obvious, below the snake
six – obvious, in the left side of the arm slide below 5
seven – obvious, on the right hand side of the arm slide (right of 6)
eight – obvious, in the background to the right of 7 and above the mushrooms
nine – obvious, in the largest clock gear below the mushrooms
ten – quasi hidden, being spokem by Grim Fandango, not obvious if you do not know spanish.
eleven – quasi hidden, roman numeral XI in tubes below Grim Fandango (skull)
twelve – obvious, in cloud below 11


I still get the tune from that Sesame Street song stuck in my head sometimes (kinda like old McDonalds jingles… they never get forgotten for good >.<). Never expected to find it on YouTube! (Silly me)

Thanks for the nostalgia! :D

I definitely grew up in this era of Sesame Street. Took me a few seconds to realize it was this particular bit, which I always thought awesome.

And, you can’t find the 10 because Diez is Spanish for ten. Sesame Street also taught me that. =D

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