KinokoFry #023 – Scrabble King

Okay guys. This is a first! In an effort to keep providing strips in colour, I have decided to try hand painting them. Once I get my new laptop, I will be able to go back and redo all of these in the usual way, but for now, I hope this pleases. I’m very new to painting still!

My god, this took a long time.

For those not in the know, my laptop has been slowly dying lately, and yesterday, the screen backlight died. Kaput. So, I am barely able to use the laptop at all really. I can’t buy a new laptop until I get back to Australia on June 5th, So until then, I need to raise enough money to buy one! So please, if you are able, I would be extremely grateful if you can throw some cash my way. Perhaps even take a look at the store!

I’ll keep updating in whatever way I can! If you guys have any problems with the hand-painted method, let me know. I can always just put these up in black and white but I’d prefer not to. I do love colour so.

- Rebecca Clements


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have a problem with it?? it’s great! Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if people wanted to buy your hand-painted strips!. and the more you do it, the better and better you’ll get! Thanks for wanting to go to extremes to keep the updates coming! I’d really miss KF if you had to go on hiatus (sp?) Also, what techniques are you using for these, and what materials?

I love it! If this is the way your comics are going to look, I hope you never get a new laptop. In fact, I want my donation back. Where’s that giraffe…

I like the hand painted look to, I think it gives the comics more soul. It does make it easier to mess up a whole strip in a single brush stroke. Anyway the contents really good, thats what matters the most.

Perhaps you could sell your hand-painted strips for munnies also. And I kinda sent word to a fave anthro artist comic-er person of mine whose comic is popular and never has trouble getting donations to kinda maybe hopefully give you some publicity in one of her “updates.” for sure then you would get more hits and munnies!

I hope that was okay, I would if I was her.

Not sure if she will, wouldn’t see why not, only told great things about your comic and sent a link. But I’ll hope for the best and I apologize for the worse(which is nothing, nothing will happen for the worse)

I appreciate and admire your diligence! Many comic authors i read are terrible at updating, just terrible.

Hey there, Rebecca!

Your comic is sure gathering momentum lately! Nice to see yome of your work coming to live, since your career in the gaming industry has been stalled lately…doing a comic is much less frustrating I guess, the responses come quick, numerously and friendly. Not wrongly so, I must admit!

I really like the hand-painted style! It’s a bit less vibrant than your laptop-painted comics, but it gives the strip a certain… liveliness. Not quite sure how to explain that. Anyway, you say you’re new to painting? By the looks of this strip, I’d say it looks like you’ve been hand-painting comics for a while. Yeah. Rambling. Oh! I agree with whatever comment it was before me that said you should attempt to sell hand-painted originals. You could rake in ze cash.

This looks really good! Not that your previous comics were bad, but this is defiantly the best!

I really think you should put original strips up on your shop, at least a couple, and color them by hand even though its tedious and painful for you. The only problem with that is shipping the comics around the world without damaging them, but I’m sure there is a way.

Again, I think it’s a great opportunity to make some extra money but also get your art out there! Keep up the amazing work!

To draw the conversation away from your crappy hand-“art” (joking!), how does everyone pronounce the word “pwned”? I say it something like “poaned”, totally ignoring the word’s actual spelling, in order to put it more in line with it’s root word, “owned”. Just wondering, is all.

I make comics, and this is one those comics that I wish I made. Darn you for getting to it first. Haha.

Most people say it as “powned.” I’ve heard it said other ways, but that’s my favorite.

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