Guest Strip – Patrick Alexander

My nose really does go “boop”. Give it a try!

Well, well, well.  Patrick Alexander. It has come to this. *deep breath*

How does one go about describing one of the most talented cartoonists ever? There. Can I go up from that? Probably, but I won’t. I will go sideways.

*scoots over in the chair*

Most of the readers of KinokoFry also follow Raymondo Person and Eegra’s Hilarity Comics, and it is no wonder. Patrick is the reason I am now a struggling cartoonist. Patrick is the main reason I started KinokoFry! Patrick is the reason a lot of people do a lot of things. Because he is that special kind of talented that is so charming and startling and seemingly effortless that you are inspired to pick something up and try to create with it.

Look. Looooooooooook.

Black and white, colour, digital, painted, crayons, clay… it doesn’t matter what it is, Patrick will turn it into something beautiful/fucking hilarious.  He has such a finely tuned sense for the way things need to be to work just exactly right, whether it’s brilliant writing, creative page design, intricate linework or, well, great jokes.

I’ve had years of watching people of every age and background and culture look at Patrick’s work and laugh – er, you know, the good kind of laughter – and “ooh” and “ahh” and then make sure they keep following him. When you discover his work, you realise you need to see everything. He is a keeper. You bookmark that shit and you check it everyday.

You also buy his INCREDIBLE paintings because, dear lord! They are the best thing you’ll ever own. I have two of them on my walls right now.

Patrick is like a gem sitting inside a gem and then coated in sparkling gems, with pretty gems dancing around it and a crowd of gems watching on and applauding. Only not gems in the way rich people and fools attach arbitrary value to them and use them as symbols of power and wealth, but in the genuine way that people like geologists can see them as being the incredible and amazing natural and scientific wonders that they are, or even in the sense that a person might just look at them and enjoy how beautiful and interesting they are, and then also discover that they have a $50 note in their pocket.

Reading Patrick’s comics is like discovering a $50 note everytime. So solve your boredom AND your financial problems by reading Raymondo Person.

Don’t forget to also read his Hilarity Comics for the gaming website, Eegra.

They are the very best gaming comics because you don’t need to be a “gamer” to enjoy them.  In fact, you’ll probably enjoy them more if you aren’t. Or will you?? Look, they are the funniest shit, just go read them so you can fully appreciate all of these GREAT moments that have been making me laugh all evening.


Thankyou, Patrick Alexander!

- Rebecca Clements


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Love it! But the best thing, for me, is the third panel. It fills me with girlish glee.

You are amazing.

oh wow! It’s so true.

I love the Rebecca and God comics, but Rebecca doesn’t make them nearly often enough :-p
So thanks.

when you poke my nose a large klaxon sounds and eight thousand pre-fall communist Russians come running out of various buildings as missiles start launching and computer generated maps of the world get full of green trajectory lines and explosions.

i save that trick for parties.

Hooray for Patrick! And I must say he is good at changing up his style because I didn’t notice until I saw the signature at the end (looking at it again I can see it a bit).

And weren’t it for Raymondo I would also not know about here either! Your stuffs are also great and good and cool also. C:

Is it just me, or does this also pull double duty as an unofficial Cat & Girl guest comic, complete with the signature look of despair in the last panel?

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