Guest Strip – KC Green

The second guest strip comes from aaaaargh KC GREEN!

There’s no way I need to explain who KC is. Y’all know the guy behind a hundred things like Horribleville, Gunshow, a big bunch of Custom ComicsHate Song and mind boggling amount of other things. I just linked to them in case you aren’t reading them right now. Right now!!

Specifically, I’m going to place right here, right over here under this text here, a link to the very first Horribleville. Are you ready? Get ready. I’ll wait. Okay, here we go now GET YOUR CLICKERS GOING! (It’s okay, you can open it in another window).

Horribleville – Read it, read it!

If you haven’t done so lately, sit down and read through Horribleville because it’s an incredible work. Especially this and this (this is exactly it) and this and ESPECIALLY this.

If you had told me before Horribleville that someone would do a series about having trouble with making comics, and that it would be The Best Thing, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed.

But KC makes it work by starting out as a guy with a staggering talent and passion for comics and humour and then constantly pushing himself. On top of that, he’s honest about his problems and insecurities and that is a big reason why his comics hit the right spot. His comics cut right through the toughest bullshit like it was marshmallow.

KC is something quite special. He doesn’t need to try (though he does, he works so hard) to produce comics as good as he does because it comes from everything that he is naturally. I suppose I mean… that his life has led him in every way to having all the skills to be a natural at great cartooning – it’s who he is, and that’s a beautiful and none-too-common thing. But really, part of that is that he works and works and works.

I think it’s important people read his stuff because it kicks us right up the butt and tells us to be better. He sets all sorts of new bars for cartooning, whether you’re writing them or reading them. Also, he’s a great guy.


- Rebecca Clements


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I have never laughed so hard in my life. Maybe its because I watch Lost so I actually get the reference.

KC Green always seems to know what to draw for the maximum funny.

haha, awesome strip. I love horribleville!!

I had a sort of random question, Rebecca in some of your earlier strips you used what looked like fineliner and watercolour… I’ve been using watercolour recently and my fineliner/pen lines keep running when I colour it. How do you stop this from happening? Because none of your strips seem to have this
Thanks =3

On the very first watercolour strip I did, there is actually a little bit of running. That was when I was first starting out and I imagine I went nuts with the water. Firstly, it’s jus a matter of not using too much water. But this will only really come with practise. It’s impossible to describe how to choose the mount of paint/water to use :) You can only develop a feeling for it.

Secondly, it may have something to do with the fact that I never use fineliners, I use ink pens/nib pens. Straight ink like that tends to run less and I don’t know the science of it. I’d like to be able to recommend the pens I have to you but I bought them in Japan and haven’t found a way to get them here yet. But I use a “G-pen” or a “School-pen.” I’ll be in trouble soon when my last pen breaks/gets too old and I have no way of replacing it…

I’m trying to learn to use brush and ink but that takes time.

Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll try to use less water. Currently I’m using a small bowl a friend gave me, 2 tiny brushes, store-bought watercolours, and a bottle of water… On my bed :S I don’t have a desk yet :P I’m trying to experiment with watercolours all the same, though! So thanks for the help. I’ll try to hunt out some ink.

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