Extra – My First Days in Melbourne

I now live in Melbourne!

This is a collection of things and places and moments in my life for the first couple of days after moving here. Gotta say – Melbourne is pretty nice.

- Rebecca Clements


REBECCA: I said goodbye to my dear friends. Avalon airport looks like a circus tent in the desert. Sat near loud idiots on the plane. Ate only dumplings for days. Melbourne train stations are fucking confusing. Got cheap porn for $1! Our house is about a billion far-aways from all shops and trains. Daylight savings is stupid. Alleyways full of great street art! Surprise! My parents are in town! I miss Patrick. The house is full of old lady things like fox and bear skins. TRAMS! My knee is really sore for days. I love Melbourne.
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Man, are you sure about those train stations? I didn’t find the stations in Melbourne at all confusing.

This is a pretty awesome way to express your first impression of melbourne. Glad you like the city, i’m very pro-melbourne and would recommend for anyone.
Also, melbourne’s stations are pretty non-confusing, unless you’re talking about the two hidden platforms at flinders st.

You got the melbourne train stations thingy right ^^
They are incredibly confusing, especially when you are from sydney where public transport is in the stone age :p

Melbourne stations aren’t confusing when you’re familiar with the way things work but when you’re a visitor to not only the city but pretty much the country too, it’s confusing. Well, -I- was confused.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Lovely stuff Rebecca. Really awesome! And you should check the Greek underground stations: Signs only in Greek! HAHAHAHA! (Ok, in English as well, but it still remains the most confusing system of a 2 line underground system I think! :D)

I love this current strip,it reminds me of the maze doodles I use to make.Cept yours is more complex and looks better :P (then again I was a wee lad when I use to do them).

:D I live in Melbourne too! :D And I have to admit, the train stations ARE confusing and the airports are in the middle of bloody nowhere, but apparently we’re better than sydney!

I love Melbourne too, great place. I need to get back there for a weekend or something sometime next year, need to go to Minotaur and St Kilda.

I thought I recognised your name, I can’t be sure where from though. BAS comes to mind. I remember Patrick and Bill, although a lot of time has passed and I’m in Japan now.

Anyway I can’t be certain. Just found it surreal. Dinosaur comics linked to this page and suddenly I’m caught wondering at how small the world really is!

If you can enlighten me, please do. Could be through BAS, or Supanova, or anime/Japan, who knows.

Melbourne was ok for me, I just found the crowds in train stations to be annoying. When you’re only 5’1″, you tend to get stepped on and shoved a lot >.<

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