Extra – More Days in Melbourne

What I have for you today are some more moments from sunny/windy/rainy Melbourne.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I actually had a wonderful day and thanks to my champions-among-housemates, it involved fairy bread! I hadn’t eaten it since I was a kid.

- Rebecca Clements


REBECCA: Melbourne has both "Batman Park" and "Batman Drive" as place names. I can't stop playing Spelunky. Everyday in Melbourne, I dress for two kinds of weather. Seen from a tram - what? In my room, in the dark, watching the moonlight.
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I’ve never seen humor like this :3

Aside the fact that you’re uber pretty, your art style, sense of humor, and weirdness is enough to make me fall in love with you!!

keep on drawing. Comics like these keep me insane during work. WOuldn’t know what to do without them.


p.s. sorry to hear about your pancreas (or was that spleen, or liver or something.)

qubodup: You call them candy pearls? Where in the world calls them that? That’s quite a cute name but I’ve never heard it before.

Chito: Thanks! I shall keep on keeping doing!

Well, I had to make this word up..

I suppose you can call them “Zuckerbällchen” here in GERMany.

W-pedia fails to provide a translation, but apparently there is a Netherland product called Hagelslag that is like sprinkles specifically made for being put on bread.

Speaking of Netherland sweets. Do you know “Vla”?

So we’re talking about food now, eh? What is this? Twitter? ^^

There’s a Batman Avenue as well! Melbourne is an interesting place… a place in which you have to wear many many layers :P I love your art style and your comic! Good to see you are enjoying Melbourne and it’s many possible batman residencies! :)

Is it cool if i asked??..


what kind of stuff do you read-watch-play-eat??
Cause i swear. I don’t know where you get your comedy influences.

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