Me and G #003 – God’s Plane Tickets

I’m in Sydney now! Look what I found:

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I love it so.

I can now see comics again! I can now see… well, everything again! And it all looks -amazing- on this lovely screen. I got an Acer Aspire 1.73GHz, 2GB RAM, 14″ widescreen… it’s stylish, the keyboard feels nice, it has enough USB ports and a built-in webcam.

I’ve spent the weekend setting it up, and I’m still going, but it’s working well enough for me to do comics again! I’m still “on holiday”, technically, but I will be updating regularly again from now on.

The donations are still coming in strong – I am completely bowled over by how wonderful you guys have been! THANKYOU SO MUCH!

- Rebecca Clements


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hee hee, cute comic.

Funny, that computer looks the same as the last to me – but I guess all PCs look the same to me: ugly
Just kidding! Glad you love it ^_^

I love this. Your comics are great but I especially like the Rebecca and God comics.. I don’t know why.. It’s just cute. I like to think these are autobiographical and close to real life.

yes, Rebecca & God, is it a buddy story or the next world-wide religious movement? She definitely has a talent for cute story-telling, that’s for sure. It’s a toss-up between these and the Sammy comics, for me. But the fact that she always pairs herself with God in a kind of “everyday life” situation is really very endearing. ^_^ Congratulations on the new computer Rebecca, I’m glad you found one so nice. I’m sorry we weren’t able to fill the financial gap before your parents had to step in and help out. I’m sure your supporters are all pushing J’Raffe to the cupcake tree as best they can. Have a good vacation!

oh, hey, three seats! That might be a clever reference to the trinity of God, I just got that! ^_^

If i were god i would buy the whole plane… no wait, i would buy 2 planes… no wait, i would buy 8 planes and an airport… no wait, i would have it all hahahaha mine, mine, mine, all mine!!!!!!!!!

Blasphemous and hilarious at the same time. You’re not a reincarnated Shakesphere, are you? ;)

Aw, now I feel twice as bad my spam filter accidentally deleted your reply email. That laptop I was offering you probably would have been about as good. Still, what you have there is a very nice laptop, so well done.

DH: Oh, really? Well, I thanked you but declined, basically, so don’t feel bad! It was probably a great laptop but I was insistant on getting one I had seen in person, and also something new. I really appreciated the offer though!

These comics are awesome! I’m working my way through the archives but had to comment on the great use of “Arse” and the fact you have THE EXACT SAME LAPTOP AS I AM USING NOW. Unless you’ve changed it…

*reads on*

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