Diary #040 Part 2 of 3 – Life As Kitties

This comic is 3 pages long, I’m going to put one page up each day so keep checking back!

Once more, all my love to Japan, as well as to my mother who is celebrating her birthday today (March 13th, that is!) on the same day I celebrate mine! Cool, huh? Happy Birthday, mum!

There is still 40% off original pieces in the store.

Aaaaaand, I did a guest comic for the fun and sexy comic, Curvy! Please do check it out.

(NSFW or wherever doesn’t let you see some boobs).

Oh! Does anyone have table space at this year’s Melbourne Supanova? My plans fell through so I’m in the market. Email me if you can help.

- Rebecca Clements


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All I see on your site are cutesy drawings done in a ‘comic style’.
You need to call yourself an illustrator or visual artist, not a comic creator.
I believe you would be happy with those labels anyway.
If you were truly making a comic, there would be either a storyline/s or
funny gags. Your work has none of these things.
Why don’t you rebrand yourself to better reflect what you are & obviously
want to be?

The drawings are sequential art. Thus, they are comics in the simplest definition of the word. Also, while this comic frequently has small stories spanning multiple strips, it would still be a comic if it didn’t. Try telling Gary Larson he doesn’t draw a comic.
And of course, this comic IS funny. It has a marvelous sense of humour which I adore. If you can’t see that, and/or prefer the stock “jokes” of comics like CAD or LICD, then I simply feel sorry that you’re missing out on something so wonderful.

Attn commenters : “Rob”, in the previous comment, migth just be trolling / trying to start a flame war.

Remember the rule : do NOT feed the troll.

Attn Rebecca : not all of your readers are douchebags.

My usual response to Rob would be one that wouldn’t fit in with the usually peaceful and harmonious nature of your site. So instead let me say that in a post-modern world we really ought to have realised by now that to limit the scope of a medium to your own personal tastes is foolish. Comics are a sequential, pictorial medium for telling stories. As long as there is any sort of narrative at all it’s a ‘comic.’ I would suggest you try and find the laugh out loud gags in Maus or Palestine… I like Rebecca’s work because it has a beautiful aesthetic and a genuine warmth. It makes me smile. Cyanide and Happiness might make me chuckle but it doesn’t really make me feel any better about being alive.

I guess I’ll stop there (because I’m definitely a bit of a ranter)

By the way, the Curvy guest strip was quite a surprise :D

I share your pain of not being able to give blood, for me it’s due to taking meds. And those commercials that say something like “one day you may need some blood” work so well on me.

As a frequent volunteer of the Red Cross, I guess I’m obligated to say even if you can’t donate blood for some reason you can still volunteer your time. They always need people to hand out juice boxes and check up on recovering donors, no medical experience required.

Oddly enough, my iron levels were higher when I was vegetarian than they are now (though still in very normal range). I figure it’s because I was consciously trying to get enough iron and overdoing it.

I’ve always had iron problems even as a kid, even as a frequent meat-eater, so I don’t think it’s necessarily related to the vegetarianism. I’m working hard to get those levels up though! Hopefully I can donate in 6 months time.

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