Diary #020 – “Jungle Boy” (Pitfall)

The original of this comic is available in the store now!

Turns out the two games I mention at the start are Dragster and Barnstorming, and I now realise that there’s not really much TO the former, and the latter I did eventually figure out because I remember having a great time bouncing those birds with the nose of my plane for as long as I could.

Why did I call Pitfall “Jungle Boy“? I have no idea but I had the strange experience growing up of hearing people refer to Pitfall and thinking I didn’t know what it was. Eventually I saw some PC version of the game which looked completely different, so I didn’t recognise it (of course – it was not the same game at all).

I only discovered the game I meant was indeed Pitfall a couple of days ago! How ’bout that.

There was a game called Jungle Boy, briefly, before it was renamed Jungle Hunt due to controversies and the Tarzan-esque character replaced with a stereotype of an old British hunter. But I never played that game so I don’t really care.

Right, I hope you guys have enjoyed these comics of my gaming memories! I have.

I wanted to get three done before I did some other comics, but I will be doing more of these.

* Thanks for your patience, the website is nearly fixed *

(If anyone can help with the comic home pages problem, I’d really appreciate it!)

- Rebecca Clements


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Hi, I just found your comic today and read through your past archive, I’m loving your narrative structure and your art work is just beautiful.

You flight skills on old games seem to have been just as good as mine.

There was a game called “Jungle Hunt” that was pretty much the same thing as “Pitfall”….perhaps that’s where the Jungle Boy mishap comes from..

Found your comic through your guest for nedroid and I’m loving it! You’ve got some awesome visual narrative skills and lovely color choices too. I’m really enjoying these video game narrative comics! Makes me want to sift through my own memories and give it go.

I found your page yesterday and instantly fell in love with your drawings and your ethics of doing this whole thing <3 Keep the good work going! Little ripples can reach so far, even to the other side of the world, like Finland :) I'll totally spread the word about your art.

just found out about this site through your deviantart, which i discovered while searching for ‘patapon’… i must say, i luv’d both your artwork and the way you tell your stories ma’am! i specially liked the colors, i wish i could do something that nice D:

anyway, keep up the awesome work! (and sorry for the bad english, too!)

I had much the same relationship with Crash Bandicoot – and even 6 years after my first attempts at playing it, I still relied on trial-and-error to finish it. (Then a walkthrough for 100% completion.)

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