Diary #017 – Lady Bug

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I didn’t grow up with comics, I grew up with video games, and these are really exciting, special memories for me.

Something that I think is really important, as well as just fascinating, is telling our very own personal stories about our experiences with games. It is a fact of our minds that we kind of “rewrite” our own memories of things, partly each time we recollect them, and partly just due to the fact that we tend to most often recollect (and strengthen) our memories of games (and things in general) that we have in common with others in our social interactions – the games that get talked about the most by other people are the games we can often kind of… “get stuck” remembering.

Our gaming histories are typically a lot richer than just Mario.

These are the games that I really grew up with, that really left strong impressions on me, that helped shape me and inspire me – it’s very comforting and exciting to sift through these thoughts!

We all experienced these childhood games in our own very personal ways, and THOSE are the best stories. Those stories are what make games special.

Ladybug is a MASTERPIECE.

I’ve been playing Ladybug while writing this comic and if you’d like to play too, perhaps you should find the game and uh, something to play it on!

The Coleco version is the only one with the SPECIAL bonus level – the vegetable harvest! It was a proud, proud moment today when I got it.

- Rebecca Clements


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You’re just making me regret selling my Colecovision!
I bought one, fixed it up so it was like new and collected almost every game for the system. I even had the box, every manual and the original brochure.

Then I sold it all to a collector last year D':
I know what I’m doing next pay-day… haha!

I had games growing up rather than comics as well. My first systems were the Nintendo Game & Watch series, followed by an NES. My cousin had an NES and an Atari. Of my friends and relatives, I was the best at the Legend of Zelda. Man I loved that game. Definitely my favorite on the NES.

I can’t really think of a narrative like your wonderful one about playing the games as a youth.

Man, Colecovision was my first as well*!

I played Donkey Kong, a side scrolling space shooter, pac-man, a game where you were a magic bird and had to move bricks, and this smurf painting game (think way way WAY early Mario Paint-ish type game) till the controllers started to break. We had a lot of other games as well.

*We couldn’t afford an NES. ._.

Hey Rebecca, love the comic :) What’s up with your site? I’m a web developer type of guy, and I’ve got tons of experience with WordPress.. Feel free to give me a shout if you need a hand with anything!

I nearly forgot about Ladybug. Collectively between Ladybug, Zaxxon and Slither, years of my youth were spent in front of ye olde Colleco + Roller Controller.

I just came over from Hark! A Vagrant and am about to undertake an archive binge of your work. I absolutely love your your illustrations, but especially your colouring!

My first experience with video games was my aunt’s ancient two-colour computer and a game called “Amy Goes to School”. I remember being totally amazed by the technology. Now, fifteen years later, I’ve got a computer that’s got more processing power than the first moon landing did on my lap.

I feel so old.

I discovered you less than ten minutes ago! From Nedroid specifically. I remember my first system was a Sega genesis (I feel so young now!) And my mom put it in the scary basement because she knew none us childrens would go and spend too much time on it cuz we were scared of the basement. This also may seem irrelevant but the last strip I read before skipping to this was about armpit hair. How did that adventure ever turn out for you?

I was a bit late. My first game system was a Playstation, and my first game was Spyro the Dragon. It was $99 for the Playstation, and $10 for the game.

I 100% completely Spyro the Dragon, without cheats, last year. My disc stopped working the next day.

For years I had struggled with several of the bosses – Metalhead, Jacques, and Gnasty Gnorc. Then I had to try to get the very last level unlocked. When I was 8, the Playstation stopped working. The memory card was left in a box with the old games (the original Spyro trilogy, Gran Turismo, and Crash Bandicoot).
I discovered it while moving my room, and decided to make one last crack at finishing all of them.
It took me four months, but I completed all except Spyro: Year of the Dragon, which had completely stopped working. I have never found another copy since of any of them.

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