Diary #014 – Clothing Resolution Update part 2

The second page. Next one coming very soon.

The 20% off sale (celebrating the 100th KinokoFry strip) on all prints and posters is still going.

NOTHING TO DO WITH COMICS: I am still in love with DEVO‘s latest album, “Something for Everybody“. I’ve been going nuts over it for the past 2 weeks. HIGHLY recommend. I just bought the Deluxe version of the album and it’s worth it.

So worth it.

- Rebecca Clements


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You better keep sewing those up.

If you buy one pair of long-lasting synthetic stockings, it’s pretty much the same as building a giant magnet to pull a continent-sized asteroid into the Earth, and turn the planet and everything on it into space dust.

You’ll have to excuse my boorish friend. He’s blunt to a fault, but I’m not exactly sure he’s wrong. Is it better to spend extra (waste?) money on more expensive materials, that are less likely to last than it is to make a single purchase of synthetic materials that will last longer and be cheaper and easier to manufacture (less energy/waste)? I will applaud the effort, but am unsure if the intended result is worth it.

We do enjoy your webcomic though, please keep it up.

I could always suggest learning to take up knitting. Some good knit stockings will last you far longer, and though they don’t offer the exact same feel, depending on the material you get, they are more than amicable in keeping out the cold, without getting too hot.

The especially great thing about knit is that there are far more options for repair, and it’s a great deal easier while still maintaining the look of them, if you so choose.

Wool is best – and wool keeps insulating even when it’s saturated, so it’s far warmer than synthetics, especially in very wet weather or if you’re walking through snow. Knitting stockings is a bit more difficult, but if you use very small needles you can get quite a tight knit and you can customise them as you need to for the shape of your legs.

May I also suggest thigh-highs or hold-ups instead of full-length stockings? If you buy two pairs, keep the extra pair in your bag, and if one ladders you can change it instead of having to throw out both. They can be hard to find (and if they need a garter belt then even harder, as garter belts seem to be quite rare) but they’re worth it.

Laddered stockings make good shoe polishing cloths I’ve found, especially for the toes and heels of shoes. Gets them extra-shiny.

Whenever I feel the sock blues, I go to Sockdreams.com, where I find all sorts of delightful things. They make sure they only have awesome socks, and they do their research and sell things that are either humanely made or environmentally friendly, and often they manage both. :D

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