The coloured version is here now but for a little while, this inked version of the comic was up.

I hope you enjoy this!

Did you enjoy this?

Melbourne: I’ll be at the Antiverse Artmarket this Saturday the 22nd of May, from 12pmĀ  (343a Sydney Rd, Brunswick).

Come by to get some prints and posters or just say hi to me or the other awesome dudes that’ll be there (such as Patrick Alexander, Ben Hutchings, David Blumenstein and Pat Grant!)

- Rebecca Clements


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OH GOD, MOOMIN! I remember that show! And also being terrified of that purple monster that looked like Grimace from McDonalds.

I’m just gonna say that I really like the way this looks in pure black and white. I’m sure the colour version will bring out even more magic.

I love the moomin books. Tove Jansson made my childhood so much better. My favourite has to have been the exploits of moominpappa.

And Meeps: That would probably be the Groke. But she’s nice enough.

I didn’t grow up with Moomin, unfortunately. Noone has ever heard of them in Australia, I first came across them in Japan (where they’re quite popular at least as characters), and then finding the comics threw me over the edge of no-return. So now I’m getting into the novels.

My father brought them over from England, and read them to me. They were some of the first books I read. The memory of laughing at the ghost banging his head in Exploits of Moominpapa is quite a strong one.

I had a similar experience the other day. I’m used to small town brand bookshops, where half the store is plush bears, gift paper and puzzles, while the rest is filled with the same “top ten” superboring books(tm)..

Then I went to Fnac, this huge store on vacation, that had a lot of weird and interesting books, each genre had a section the size of said small town brand bookshop. Manga, comics, sci-fi, geeky merchendise and the likes! Heaven!

Only thing is, it was all in a language I don’t understand… :-(
Oh well..
Had it been in english I would be a poor poor man..
(But with lots of geeky books… :-D)

Bleh :) Those places can’t even call themselves bookshops. They are gift shops.

Yes, this bookshop was one of those really wonderful places. Small and cramped, but with an upstairs and a downstairs and a very … extensive but well-chosen selection of books. The whole place reeks of ‘love’ and ‘care’. I wanted to read everything there. I had to restrain myself.

This heavily reminds me of Little Nemo in Slumberland. Like, the original comics. All that’s missing is you waking up in a giant fort of books.

I was brought up on Moomins, my mum read all the books to me, they are still around somewhere, must dig them up again. Too bad they are not very known outside Scandinavia. Never heard of those hippos though so there you go :)

I love the moomins<3 A new edition of the books has been released lately and since some of my old books were given away I couldn't help myself but buy one… and then another and another… I also remember there was a series of figurines too bad I have no idea where they are:/

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