Diary #008 – Reading

Sometimes it’s nice to spend a long time capturing a small experience. (Negative version: I do one thing and then spend 16 hours drawing it).

It was Diana Wynne Jones’ “The Lives of Christopher Chant”, which I haven’t read before. I’m very much in love with DWJ and whenever I have a chance to read a new story of hers – particularly those of the Chrestomanci series – they do a thing to my brain and I could not possibly desire to be anywhere else but deep inside that book.

By the way, I often let people who follow me on Twitter see sneak previews and such of the comics I’m drawing. Like this, or this! If you’re the sort of person who enjoys that, then consider yourself advised of an appropriate course of action to take.

I’d better mention – there’s a new print bundle in the store.

- Rebecca Clements


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DO you really not shave your legs?

I do shave my legs but sometimes I don’t bother or I forget to do it for a bit.

I don’t think anyone NEEDS to though :) I personally shave my legs because because I mostly wear long socks and stockings and it feels nice with smooth legs.

I was wondering the same thing as Dimitri! Actually, this might sound a bit wishy-washy, but I was inspired after your “growin out mah pit hair” comic to suck it up and do the same. I had been thinking about it for some time.

And actually-actually, since I live in Europe and am pretty “meh” about shaving anyway, I’ve undergone long periods of time where I don’t shave anything except my underarms, or even let those grow for a couple of weeks and then shave when I have to go out amidst people. Unfortunately (?) I have pretty active hair growth, and right now I have some fairly luscious kitties under my arms. I like to pet them when I go washing :3 Though I wonder if I’ll have to cut them down a bit soon, since if I continue as-is, I am seriously worried about being able to braid them in a month or two.

My partner is also fairly “meh” about body hair, but ever since I declared to him that I am henceforth consciously choosing not to shave my ‘pits anymore (unless I find shaving to be more convenient after all – which I doubt, but is still possible), he’s been all “badger badger” at me. It sucks! He does it half-jokingly, and once I pointed out that I occasionally don’t shave *anything* for long-ish periods of time and he hasn’t made a peep before… But, ah well. Badgerers will be badgerers.

Anyway, long ramble is long. I am a tad nervous about commenting for perhaps the first time because I admire your style and skills so much – I think you and your comics are brimming with fabulosity! I also wondered what your thoughts are on summer fashions and short sleeves what with the non-shaving. Showing off confidence & solidarity with unrestrained womanhood yes/no? :P

Absolutely show it off if you want to. Don’t feel like you have to or anything. It’s up to you! :) But I’d hate to see you avoid wearing short sleeve tops just because you were worried about what some people might think.

If someone has a problem with it, in my mind, they’re probably someone that either isn’t worth my knowing anyway, OR I know I’m one of those people that’s helping to normalize it for them. A lot of people just need to be exposed to things more before they become comfortable with something.

Basically: If you think something is right or fine, do it.

And also – thankyou for the kind words!

(Please do comment people, if you were holding back, I LOVE hearing from you.)

Yay~ The Lives of Christopher Chant is one of my absolute FAVOURITES and the first Chresto book I ever read.

For a not-quite-Chrestomanci book, have you read The Merlin Conspiracy? It’s longer than the average DWJ book, and thoroughly enjoyable (Who am I kidding, they’re *all* thoroughly enjoyable).

P.S. I found your comics about two days ago and have read through all of them… They are fantabulous. Like a more awesome, less rhyming, more conscientious Dr. Seuss <3

Ha, I always wonder what the experience must be like reading them in a more “chronological” order. This is, I think, the ‘final’ Chrestomanci book for me. First one I read was Magicians of Caprona so I’ve almost read them all in “backwards” order.

Thankfully it doesn’t matter, and I like the way it’s happened for me. Everytime I read a new book, I’ve gone, “Oh… oh! Oh THAT’S why that.. I see… oh, how interesting!”

It’s like digging deeper into a cave.

Ooh, ooh, and Hexwood! Hexwood has a strange (sci-fi?) vibe going on and is one of the twistiest DWJ books so far (I love the twisty one, where everyone turns out to be everyone else in some flip-reality-ninety-degrees sort of way).

Sorry, er, comment spam/enthusiasm.

Also, I do love the birds sharing a cup of coffee in the background :)
If you ever come over to Perth, I would love to give you a hug :)

Yaaay! Chronicles of Chrestomanci! -was beaten to saying this, but oh well-
I got the stories in two books, each with two ‘novels’ inside.
I can’t remember the order…. Magicians of Caprona was last, though.
I also love her story ‘Dogsbody.’

I really love this strip. It brings me back to how fall is supposed to be, and makes me miss it all the more (temperate rainforest + fallen leaves = organic slush. Definitely not the romantic bluster of a crisp, skittering autumn). Not to mention that yes, DWJ is a GENIUS, and if you haven’t, you must read the Merlin Conspiracy and the Dark Lord of Dirkholm. Also, if you like her, you might also enjoy reading Connie Willis (To Say Nothing of the Dog is a good place to start, as is Bellwether), who predominately writes sci-fi/historical fiction. She has one of the most fantastic writing styles I have ever read, and I’m picky.

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