Diary #002 – Clothing Resolution

If anyone wants to join in, you’re more than welcome!

I mean, this is just a thing I decided I will do.

I was inspired by reading about the GAAD today in my favourite eco-fashion magazine (and, in fact, the only magazine I read), Peppermint. God damn that magazine inspires me.

I’m not doing quite what they are, but it’s in the spirit. To quote from the magazine, quoting one participant in the GAAD; “I’ve realised with age that I will always have enough and I will always feel like I never have enough. And I need to learn to live with what I have. Period.


- Rebecca Clements


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What an excellent idea! May not work in Canberra, tho (unless you really like polyester grandma frocks). :P

I must admit, Melbourne is a particularly great place for op shops. But seriously, I’ve been to the grannie-iest places and still found great things, or at least things with potential.

I think your clothing resolution is a great idea!

I love to do the same thing myself but i don’t know where to find good Op shops in Melbourne, can you recommend any places?

Absolutely! There are probably tonnes of areas that are better, or at least as good – I mean, good op-shopping is just a very Melbourne thing – but there are a lot of them in Prahran, on Chapel St. You almost fall over them.

In my experience, Red Cross tends to be one of the best (though, I mean, you never know what great stuff you’ll find in any of them). Perhaps have a look the webpages for the Red Cross and St Vinnys, etc, to find their locations.

I actually did this all through high school. I never wore anything from a mall or brand name anything, and purchased all of my clothes from second hand stores. :D The only bad side is I’ve found that some of my friends have jeans that have lasted them 10 year where mine have lasted 2-4 then they start breaking apart. The super good side is they’re way comfortable and broke in already when you get them though!

Great, good luck! Be careful of bamboo though, they use harsh chemicals to break it down.

Please post photos of your outfits!

Oh, really? I’ll certainly be looking into all of these things deeper in time. I only heard about bamboo clothing recently from a friend in Brisbane. Seems amazing!


Thanks Robert! I read that, plus all the comments – very interesting! And it lead me to this article as well:


It seems that though there are a lot of things that aren’t ideal in regards to a lot of bamboo manufacturing, the benefits are still pretty staggering. It also seems like a lot of these various facts and arguments could be written in a more cohesive matter, and we could all benefit from much more research being done into things.

Though there’s obviously a lot more to learn and a long way to go, my heart is still beating for bamboo as an alternative to most other textiles. Certainly, what is needed are more people to use the better methods of production, and more thorough, transparent and comprehensive certification.

And to realise that this is just one aspect of a more sustainable industry/lifestyle. It of course needs to go hand in hand with less consumption, better washing methods, buying pre-worn clothing, etc. etc. etc.

Hemp is a much better alternative to bamboo clothing. It’s what my grandparents used to grow to make clothing for themselves and their children. It really should be used more (and hemp is not the same as marijuana, but that too should not be illegal/vilified, but that’s another argument for another day)

Could you define “op shop” for me? Is it an Aussie word for a charity shop? I ask only because a new store just opened in my neighborhood (Chicago) calling itself “The Op Shop.”

Aha, I thought this might not be a term used in the US. Yes, we call them “op shops” which is short for “opportunity”.

I have no idea if a store with the name “The Op Shop” would actually be affiliated with a charity or carry second-hand clothing… I would hope so! But worth asking.

The Op Shop in Chicago is not a second hand clothing store, but a place where unknown artists can showcase their wears. Basically giving them a platform that they never had before.

I’m moving out of state to go to a different university and I won’t be able to work, (living off student loans pretty much) I should totally do this! I have so many dang clothes and I keep buying more because I think I need it, this would be good for me. :D

I recently subscribed to peppermint! =D
Australia has too much textile waste *cough: Supre*

The best op-shop style place I’ve ever been to is ‘Garage’ in Berlin– a kilo of clothing for 13 euros =D
I got a white H&M Shirt Dress for 2,70 € =D

I would love to do this, except for the fact that my breasts keep growing, which necessitates buying new bras. And I do NOT buy pre-used undergarments. They just make me feel yicky.

I don’t think I’ve gone shopping for clothes in about….3 or 4 years. Me and pretty much all my female relatives are around the same size and they dump their old stuff on me when they go shopping, and I get some cool old stuff in the process. I wear everything until it wears out, and the same goes for shoes. But I do need to buy shoes every couple of years because I do a lot of walkin’ around.

This is pretty easy for me because I do not care a jot about clothes. Is that weird?

The only clothes I buy new is underwear. Other than that, I am an op-shopaholic. Just yesterday I went and bought myself 29 pieces of clothing (including a sexy pair of black heels) and spent only $45, and its recycling, so I’m doing the planet a favour too. Also, its something fun to do, without hurting your wallet too much. I can spend an hour in a good op-shop, but 10 minutes in Kmart and I’m bored out of my mind, and theres not much else to do here in Perth.

I wouldn’t be buying new clothes this year if someone hadn’t stolen most of my bras off of the washing line last week >.< it's not like anyone else could wear them anyway. I don't buy pre-owned underwear though, that's one definite rule – and most of the op shops here won't sell it anyway (or pre-owned bathers or socks, for that matter).

I don't shop for clothes much anyway – unless they're getting holes in them or have too many permanent stains to keep covering up, I don't feel like I need to. In terms of shoes, my mother and I are the same size so I trade shoes with her all the time. (She actually gave me about 30 pairs of high heels last year – her knees won't tolerate heels anymore, and I was looking for some nice formal shoes anyway. Now I have nowhere to put them all!)
I also did manage to re-use my old clothes that I didn't like though – I packed them up and sent them to Queensland to help the flood victims. Not sure if they'll fit anyone, but someone will have some clothes to wear.

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