Diary #001 – New Hair

Welcome to my Secret Mystery Diary.

Here is the key. It’s for you! Don’t lose it.

I wonder what we’ll find.

(Psst. Come and look at the new Secret Mystery Diary website, RSS readers! Though there are still some kinks that I am kicking and kicking).

OH! And; Lovely prints and posters for you in the store!

- Rebecca Clements


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How does it smell?

Like almonds (I have almond soap).

Dr. Bronner’s almond soap by chance? that stuff’s amazing

That’s the one! It is pretty great. Fair trade and organic, I believe?

Though, I find some of the religeous writing around the bottle to be a real put-off. I need to look into it, but if it’s sold by missionaries, I think I’ll be looking for another brand.

Nonsense. There’s nothing gross about armpit hair — I think that bare armpit skin can be pretty nasty to be honest, all bumpy and flubbery.

I think it’s high time ladies took back the right to have hair wherever they please.

This is so cool! I have to say – female armpit hair is the one thing that society has ingrained in me as being “non acceptable” and I’m a chick.

I remember one day my friend (of over a decade) wore a tank top and when she lifted her arm doing something and I saw her armpit hair I was shocked. Inside I felt like those men seeing women’s ankles must have felt a century ago.

I’ve seen the craziest shit on the internet (also consider myself to be super liberal) and female armpit hair is uncomfortable for me. Maybe this is one of the last “taboos” that we need to be rid of in our society.

There are still plenty of taboos, no worries there. We’ll be at them for awhile.

But the bad wrap armpit hair gets is ridiculous. Most people who go on about it don’t even know why. It’s lovely! I don’t mind anyone shaving anything, but I do mind people feeling pressure to be magically without something that is exactly as natural as having fingers and toes.

It’s the way a body is.

Although my preference is shaved, I don’t think it should be any sort of obligation. I heartily endorse experimenting like this.

Haha, nice. It seems like more often than not it’s dudes who complain about female underarm hair being “gross”, even though they’re under no obligation to remove theirs, so it’s cool to see you reclaiming that shit.

You should celebrate by auditioning for some deodorant commercials.

I hear a lot of woman talk about how gross it is too, which is even sadder to hear.

I certainly didn’t do this as a statement – I just wanted to have the experience! And now I really like it. I might shave it off, I might grow it again, who knows. But I will always feel good about it.

From a male point of view, we are attracted to women because they are different from men. Men are hairy (well most of us) and we typically are attracted to women because they are not (among a variety of other, usually more important, reasons). it’s the entire reason a hair removal industry exists (leg, face, underarm, nether region, etc.). There is nothing wrong with body hair, or lack there-of, but you shouldn’t be surprised when people (especially guys) are shocked/turned off by the presence of hair that “normally” is not present in any given region of the body. Then again there are some guys who are really into that as well, and some of them are even straight ;).


I didn’t even know this was controversial. I’m growing a beard in protest of those forced to shave the world over.


Thanks man. Fuckin’ brave of you. *sniff*

It’s controversial to a lot of people, though of course it shouldn’t be. As far as controversy, it is a pretty lame thing to give any kind of shit about.

I do it! Amanda F Palmer has hairy army–pits and shes fabulous, she inspired me to do it!! Plus its one less thing to bother about!

Awesome, glad to see someone who isn’t afraid. Never really understood why guys want their women to look like they’re pre-pubscent.

Afraid of what? Lynching? It may be true that body hair is perfectly natural and as a male I find males getting waxed and whatnot fagotty (for the lack of better term on my mind right now) but even I, only having shaved my face and being generally not a hairy guy, can see why a girl would be turned off by excessive body hair. Body parts covered in hair sweat more and armpit hair makes it difficult to apply deodorant. Do you think that ass hair, nearnipple hair, ear hair, nose hair, chest hair and excessive pubichair on males should be left alone? If armpit hair is a symbol of female empowerment why aren’t hairy legs, hairy arms, female moustaches and unibrows too?

Rebecca, I love your comics!
I loved this one too, but the comments are pretty stupid. Mine isn’t an exception.

Yay! It took me a long time to find this diary entry, the three strips going parallel got me confused… Great comics, keep up the good work – I like your new directions and sense of puropse.

Congrats on your decision! I’m a guy and I find nothing even remotely disturbing about armpit hair. Everyone should have the decision to either shave it or not but to make it expected and obligatory is nonsense and idiotic.

I’m Hungarian, and we’re just catching up with this ‘enlightened custom of the west’. Disturbing and pretty ridiculous.

Especially that there appears to be a trend to gradually reintroduce body hair to the female figure… Let’s hope for the best!

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