BEC #012 – Taking Off Shoes Inside

Thanks to Monodi for this idea! I really wanted to draw that chicken.

Part of the philosophy behind BEC is that some ideas might work for you, some ideas might inspire you (now, or later), some ideas will be for others. Everyone’s situation is different. (You can talk more about this idea here if you like).


I hope you guys have room after dinner for… Sound Club Sweet by Patrick Alexander!

If you like good music, if you like 8-bittish tunes, if you like to listen to immersive, imaginative music that will leave you hungering to explore the games this music will create in your mind, then this is the album for you.

It is the album for me!

** Also, some of the music is a collaboration between myself and Patrick. I helped! **

Sound Club Music Jam: We’re having a music jam on the forums, come make music with us! You don’t need to know a damn thing about music to do this. I don’t!

- Rebecca Clements


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never did understand ppl who walk in with their shoes on. you save like 10 secs not having to put them on again when walking out, but instead you get filth everywhere.

I was always told to take my shoes off upon entering the house, I honestly don’t know of people who do not. Like my mom would say, “were you raised in a barn? take your shoes off!”

Mother always told me to take off my shoes or else I’d face the wooden spoon.

What’s that mother? No, no it’s not Thursday yet! No, we don’t visit the cemetary until 8am!

Yeah, this isn’t really an issue in Estonia where I live. It’s quite common to take shoes off in the home (in fact I can’t imagine walking around in shoes in my own home??). Our springs, falls and winters can be quite muddy, wet and snowy thought, so it seems natural for the climate.

I Finland everyone takes their shoes off inside. It would be considered very rude to go visit someone else’s home and not take your shoes off.

I live in argentina and I don’t know anyone who stays with their shoes on inside the house o_O Is this common in the states? That seems really uncomfortable!

We always had a shoes off policy (rural VIC) but I had some bogan friends who’s parents never cared. Their houses were gross.
Personally I think shoes off inside should be the social norm. I can’t imagine walking all around the streets and dragging all that dirt/germs into my house.

Also I dont get people who wear shoes on their bed, that’s like REALLY gross :(

I only keep my shoes on in the house if I haven’t done the floors in a while (my house is all tile floors) and it drives me bonkers having shoes on inside, having to keep my feet off the furniture and not being able to flop on my bed, aka it makes me get off my butt and do the floors! c:

In Canada, it is also normal to remove one’s shoes before running about the house. I can’t imagine anyone refusing to do so!

Agreed! Most Asian cultures demand taking shoes off in the house – honestly, I really don’t know anyone that doesn’t. Pretty weird! Maybe some sort of cultural discovery – since the Eurasian continent (according to the comments) seems pretty adamant about being unshod inside.

Yeah but asian cultures have a different pair of shoes for inside ;D I think this is only common when you’re entering a place that isn’t a friend’s — do people often take their shoes off at work? Or at restaurants? I also don’t take them off at parties. If I am visiting someone and it is somewhat formal, I don’t assume I should walk around in my socks. I prefer it, always, but if I’m unsure I ask if it’s alright to take them off.

Is this a new site layout or is my computer being glitchy> If it is, I really liked the old one better 3: I can’t reeead anything now!

Really? Why? It’s basically the same as it used to be but perhaps something strange is happening in your browser. Can you tell me which browser you’re using and what the problem is?

using most recent IE. the white block behind the text is gone, so it’s just showing the background image. Tried it in firefox and the block was there. In both of them, the little bee buttons are gone. I miss the little eyepatch bee 3:

T he first time I visited my boss’ house, she thought I was afreak for taking my shoes off at the door! (In fact, I think she was actually offended.) Growing up, everyone in my family had house shoes that were only worn indoors, but I was always taught it was a sign of respect to the people you were visiting. All my friends took their shoes off at my house, too. My boss said she had never seen anyone do that before, she never did it when at someone else’s house, and insisted that my family was the only group of people who had ever done it ever in the history of shoes! These comments make me happy to know that she’s the philistine.

P.S., It should go without saying that I never invited her to my apartment.

Depends where you’re living. Wall-to-wall carpeting pretty much demands shoelessness; dirt floors want shoes. Everything in between is a grey area, but if you’re wearing socks on older wood or concrete floors, you’re going to go through socks quite a bit faster. That said, I don’t feel at home in any place where I can’t take my shoes off. Rugs help, and you can keep the heat lower too.

I don’t wear shoes inside; my mother has a bad habit of not wearing shoes OUTSIDE either in the garden, where there are sharp things and spiders. It’s nice to take off shoes and socks and tread on nice cold tiles after a hot day though.

The only downside is when you have a rough concrete patio and rough slate floors, your heels kind of tend to look like soil after a ten-year drought, and no amount of moisturising and pumicing will save them. (But who’s going to see your heels anyway?)

I’ve been doing this since I was little. I often walk shoeless in my dorm when I’m going to the study lounges or to see another friend in the same building. I don’t like shoes very much, actually. I know my future house must be shoe-free due to my sweetheart and I wanting to turn the steps into bookcases.

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