BEC #008 – Visit a Farm

Thanks to Bebarce for this great idea. There’s more discussion on this idea in the forums, or of course feel free to suggest your own BEC idea there.

This idea is very close to my heart. It’s becoming apparent to more and more people that the current industrialised food systems are very unsustainable and often have enormously detrimental effects of all aspects of society.

The great thing is that one of the best solutions is to try to eat more local produce, and this is happening all over. I am trying to do this myself and is it one of those things that turns out to come along with all kinds of unexpected benefits, not the least of which is food that tastes amazing.

Also: Did you know there are 2 new very limited prints!

Only 20 of each!

These are on very beautiful 100% recycled card-stock which I just keep marvelling at. It looks great.

Each one is hand-stamped with one of my hand-carved KinokoFry stamps, uniquely signed with a tiny picture, and numbered.

They are waiting, of course, in the store.

- Rebecca Clements


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Yeah, I heard that kids in so-called developed countries don’t know what time fruits and veggies are in season. I grew up with the knowledge (we didn’t have other things in shops, only seasonal when I was a kid), and marketplaces were you can directly buy from the producers as well as from the big ‘industrial’ greengrocer stands are still popular. (Also, Hungary is a pretty much agrarian country, so lots of people have relatives in the country who grow their own in their little garden)

Still, super and hypermarkets are on the grow, so I can’t say what it will be like in 20 years or so.

Ah yes! we do this often there’s a picking farm near us and we’re regular visitors (about once every 3 weeks when the fruit is ripe) My gran goes like once every 2 weeks xD

I liked this idea, and for a while there were places that let you do it. In my mum’s day she could even go mushroom picking and have them all identified for free by her local council.

Now there’s literally no mushroom identification services, and even if there was it’s all private property so you face huge fines or prison just for looking for mushrooms. And there’s only a strawberry farm that allows you to pick your own. You can go fruit-picking, but it’s horrid work in horrid conditions and you don’t get to keep any of it.
(There’s plenty of organic farms, but their produce is ridiculously-priced. I’m sure people would eat better and more organic produce if it was priced realistically. Better to sell 1000 units at $10 each than 100 units at $50 each.)

I used to be so smug that we’d get strawberries in December or January…
Now I buy them weekly from our local farmer’s market, and they taste SO much better!
It’s the difference between dipping strawberries in brown sugar to make them palatable, and eating strawberries that are so sweet on their own it’s like they’ve already been dipped. ;3
Not to mention it provides a much greater diversity in my diet.

…. And ‘Laker Bakers’ — crossbred golden yukon and red/purple potatoes to look like the Laker’s colors — are kind of hilarious, too. :D!

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