BEC #007 – Biking

As you can see, even a cartoonist that thinks she is being very clever and measuring things correctly can sometimes make mistakes with where the lines should join from page to page. This comic, in reality, is on 3 pages of my sketchbook and it wasn’t until I scanned and put them together into the one image that I was able to see my very silly mistake, and laugh at what an idiot I was.

Regardless, thankyou to Mendel for echoing my own thoughts on biking! Riding bikes is great. There was a time in my life where I thought I wouldn’t do it again, and after 5 minutes on a bike again in adulthood, I was in love.

Bike talk.

- Rebecca Clements


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I’d love to bike everywhere but my commute to work is 30 minutes even on the highway, and there’s not really any street roads going there. Granted I definitely would be more in shape and probably happier if I could bike everywhere but it just doesn’t work. :/

My town has a lot of hills so riding a bike to school isn’t exactly ideal for me. However, I do want to live close to work (after college) so I can ride a bike or walk instead of drive.
I should learn how to RIDE a bike first, though, shouldn’t I…?

I live in Arizona, just checked the temperature, its 110. While biking is good, people are stupid and would end up hurting themselves through heat stroke here. . . And then there are people like my girlfriend who know the dangers but are allergic to the SUN and can’t be outside for a long time even when slathered with sunscreen and even in the winter! :/ So biking is a no for us! But I recycle like a madwoman so we have our part in that ^^

I was pretty much already doing this, since I don’t have a car. Riding bikes around here isn’t exactly great because of all the hills, but it is definitely a lot of fun when you have friends around and stuff.

Personally, I also like to take a nice walk. It’s quite a bit slower, but it is beautiful and it’s quite a bit easier to carry things around with you(as you don’t need a trailer or anything crazy like that, just a bag or something.)

Since my trips around here are generally pretty short, to friends’ houses and stuff, walking isn’t too slow, and going up hills on bikes isn’t too bad. So yeah, I definitely agree with doing this. It’s easy and a lot of fun.

I love taking my bike out, but unfortunately, I can only feasibly go shopping for small groceries, as I am 10 miles away from both my work and most of my friends. Couple that with the high rate of pedestrian/biker deaths in my city and biking becomes a chore and a danger.

I still take my bike whenever I get the chance, but usually I settle for the bus.

YAY! In Beijing, biking is a glorious, magical thing! I can usually beat a taxi or bus to my destination because traffic is nutso, and really, everything is close. As a bonus, I get to take in interesting sights, commute like the locals do, and discover little shortcuts through the maze of alleys and small roads.


This comic is great! I noticed the path/clouds thing but thought it was deliberate, haha :P I was following the bike talk on shrugenbee, and thought i’d mention here as well, Melbourne now has public bikes! It’s I think $2 to rent the bike for a day for going round the city. It’s a really great idea, I think more cities should get into it.

Biking is a lot of fun! Used to bike all over Melbourne when I lived there, a great city for biking, following the Yarra trail was a lovely trip. Nowadays I usually just walk everywhere cause I live close to most stuff but I’d like to bike more for the exercise.

I totally biked some 86 miles between the past two Thursdays. I love it!
I’m contemplating biking to and from college once I start.

I love riding my bike, but it’s not really the greatest in my area. It’s a bit too far of a ride to work (not actually that bad, but I’m not in shape anymore), and lots of stolen bikes in my area. I could ride it down the hill to catch the bus, but it will either get stolen or worse, I’ll have to walk it back up the hill! D:

Eeeeehhhh… biking isn’t really a thing where I live, thought it’s getting to be more what with hipster (and the accompanying or separate environmentalist) culture and etc. Unfortunately we have some pretty nasty weather and I honestly can’t imagine how dangerous it would be to bike around with ice constantly on the ground for months and months.

The city I’m living in now, the capital, has trams and electric trolleys (is that the right word?). Unfortunately those are only available in the capital… I wish we had a more extensive train, tram and trolley system over the whole country!

Sometimes I think because we have such a small country – Estonia – it would be much much easier to implement green practices and easier to feed/clothe/provide people with environmentally-friendly methods. I hope I can get the ball rolling in some small way or other one day!

Eh, I can’t bike where I am for about 4-5 months of the year. Biking in 40-degree-plus heat is invitation for heat exhaustion and/or death by bad-tempered driver. If they don’t kill you, the sunburn will make you question why you ever left the house in the first place. I do walk a lot in winter though – it’s cold enough to warrant it, and most stuff is close enough.

(If we had 24-hour shops here I would be able to walk or bike more, but nobody is open at 2am when it’s tolerably cool enough to walk somewhere. At the moment
I just stock up on as much as I can before the heat hits, and beg the people around me for extra supplies if I run out. Usually I can outlast the heat.)

The saddest part? My city has the worst public transport in the world, so even that has stopped being an option. I either have to leave an hour early and get to a place too far ahead of time, or I leave on time and get there late. Not to mention buses breaking down, buses getting stuck, and it’s all because the government here won’t refit our bus fleet and won’t listen to the thousands who aren’t lucky enough to have a choice. (The trains here are ok, but I don’t leave anywhere near them.)

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