BEC #005 – Vinnie’s Story

Thanks, Vinnie! Your story is everyone’s story, and something I keep reminding myself. (Vinnie is/was an Ecology student and has a photo blog if you’re interested. I like “Do not take bricks”, myself).

Remember, if you’d like to submit an idea to me, some message you think the world ought to hear, you can email me or post it in the forums.

I highly recommend the forum idea, because everyone can get involved in the discussion, and there are LOTS of great discussions going on at the moment. I am so impressed.

You guys help keep me motivated! And that’s a hell of a thing.

- Rebecca Clements


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I don’t understand why people doesn’t turn-off their computers when they aren’t using them. It’s so easy! Actually most operating systems can be programmed to auto-turn-off if nobody is using it; fast and comfortable.

I love BEC so much! <3

I hope people don't get too hung up about any of these little things, though, or think that they are "enough". The huge corporations and governments produce WAY more waste and use WAY more electricity etc than anything a household could affect. Alcoa, a company that refines aluminium, uses about a THIRD of all the electricity in Vicoria, Australia. Unplugging your mobile phone charger when not is use is not goina go affect anything as much as making Alcoa more efficient would, and satisfying yourself over little things is detrimental to the overall picture.

Wow hahaha that sounds really negative, but, you know, have a think.

All good points, of course.

And I want to talk more about this in the future, but I hope that people begin to realise that small actions are important, because those are the things that change -us-. Rallying big companies can only do so much when we ourselves don’t begin to change our own lives.

I’m realising this myself. That it would do no good for me to moan and preach at others unless I take a look at my own life and start making changes :) And small changes are essential. Big ones too, but that’s just it. Making small changes makes you realise just what you can achieve, and that you can do it. And people will see you living your life differently, and that change becomes a little realer for someone else, and then it spreads and spreads.

More and more, I believe in the power of these small steps.

And it’s also important to realise that everyone is at a different stage of change all the time. I don’t want to fall into the trap of only talking to a small minority. One BEC will be meaningless to some, and powerful for others. The next one will mean something to a different bunch of people, etc.

And I hope -I- don’t sound preachy now :) I’m sure you know this. But it’s good, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

That often these small things – along with the message that we need to keep going forward – is what makes people start to question more and more. And that will lead to one of the most powerful things we can do; changing our consuming habits. What we spend our money on is one of the most powerful things any of us can do.

But it’s something that really has to be realised individually. I want to help people at any stage to more forward. And the ideas I’ve been getting are great, a reflection of that very thing.

Once again, thankyou everyone!

It also saves huge amounts of money, funnily enough. You’d be surprised at how much you can save by bringing lunch from home, making your own coffees, and turning things off that you’re not using – as well as rugging up in winter instead of using the heater, and other little things like that.

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