BEC #002 – Reusing Teabags

Starting with something small to show that even little ideas are welcome at BEC. I have a few more in the Tea Tales series to come! Of course, things like not even using tea bags and instead using tea leaves, and sustainable, fair trade…

The BEC ideas have been coming strong – THANKYOU! I am so pleased with the incredible positive response, and holy hell have there been some great ideas. I am itching to draw them all.

*scratch scratch*

Don’t forget to read the About BEC page about submitting ideas. It can be done via email orrrr…

These are the official forums shared by myself and the ever-ever Patrick Alexander.

They’re full of fun. Fun is sticking out all over.

- Rebecca Clements


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Although it should be noted that this idea can work if you don’t brew strong tea. Because if you put the teabag too long, the next brew won’t get anything good from tea beside tannin, which is bad for your digestion, your teeth, and taste bitter too! *bleurgh*
This idea also work better for green tea and white tea, because–different from black tea–their next brew always offer better taste adventures!

just my two cents ;)

In my experience, 2.5 cups come out of my teabags. My grandma would claim that you can get 3 or 4, but she would.

I mostly drink black tea and a 3rd or 4th cup from one teabag tastes really poor. Instead, I bought a well-insulated tea pot which keeps the tea warm for hours. So now I can make tea once and drink 4 or 5 cups when I like.

You could just ditch teabags all together, and just switch to loose-leaf tea.

Buy a nice box of oolong or jasmine, and brew an extremely strong batch in the morning, in a teapot. Just pour a little of it into a cup, and pour boiling water in, and bam! Instant tea!

The nice thing about this is, that the brew will get stronger as the day goes on, and there are no bags or excess packaging to be had!

The flavour does get attenuated some for me, but the caffeine is mostly extracted in the first rinse. Research has been done on that.

Bacteria? I’m pouring boiling water on it and have been doing this for years.

Loose tea from adagio(dot)com, yunnan jig, pound of the stuff lasts me months and I drink several cups a day.

Everyone enjoys a double dipping with their tea bags eh?

Entendres aside, I really like this “section”, I can see some good discussion coming from this. I’m a loose leaf guy, myself, and I buy it direct from the store in my own canister, no packaging to be seen, and the leaves go for fertilizer for my plants :)


That is -great-. That is the way to do it.

I keep trying to think of new ways to avoid packaging. I really do yearn for a time when stores get the products in and you just bring your containers, bags and whatnot and take it home. As it is, in my area, I can do it with fruit and veges and a couple of other things… but my neighbourhood is going to be the last one to adapt to anything new like that. (Rich people. The longer I live here, the more I see how little most of them know or care about the world).

I am relieved to hear of any place that is taking steps in that direction.

Ah, but when you use less tea, you hurt the growers who sell less of it. Most are poor people and depend on selling large quantities to just get by. Tea is a fully renewable resource as well. It’s not like they are depleting the forest of “wild” tea. There are always unintended consequences to these things. Of course it’s your choice. If you’re trying to save money this way, fine, but you would do better brewing tea by the pot and not the cup.

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